Falwell gets fit

Before and After - Falwell lost 75 pounds

President loses 75 pounds Just 48 hours before the 2012 Commencement, President Jerry Falwell, Jr. experienced symptoms of what he later found out to be a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) — a miniature stroke. “There was numbness in my hand, my face started to droop, and Becki noticed that I …

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Sodexo recognized

Liberty is ranked as the third healthiest college According to The Daily Beast and College Prowler, Liberty ranks third among the healthiest colleges across the nation. Reasons for the rating include the low use of alcohol and drugs, and healthy dining options, courtesy of Sodexo food services. Robin Quay, Liberty’s …

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LaHaye encourages wellness

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - The seminar, entitled "Why weight: Food for Fitness," informed students about healthy eating habits. Photo credit: Macklyn Mosley

Three-part health seminar allows students to learn simple steps for stress prevention from health professionals The LaHaye Student Union continued its Health and Wellness Series committed to keeping the college student’s fear of the “Freshman 15” at bay Wednesday, Oct. 9. The three-part series focuses on lifestyle changes that students …

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Fight the flu one shot at a time

Flu season has arrived at Liberty, and its brought its usual sniffling, aching and sneezing with it, meaning it is time for flu vaccines. “The flu season is between October and March,” Liberty University Health Services physician Dr. Richard Lane, M.D., said. Liberty students have been encouraged to get their …

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The deal with vitamin D

Winter is just around the corner and that means one thing — cold season. But before rushing to the drug store to stock up on the usual tissues, cough drops and cold medicine, a person should consider one of the most important vitamins needed to stay healthy — Vitamin D. …

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Shedding the stubborn five

Get them off — Losing the last few pounds can always pose a challenge to those wanting to achieve a goal weight. Stock Exchange

When it comes to weight loss, there is nothing more frustrating than the last five pounds before the target goal weight. These last five pounds tend to stick around like the smell of running shoes in the back seat of a vehicle. It seems as if no matter how much …

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Turn up the heat: The benefits of spicy food

When it comes to spicy foods, most people run for the hills. The mere idea of eating anything with a jalapeno, chili pepper or even some of that extra hot sauce at Taco Bell makes their tongue tingle and eyes water. However, these spicy foods have some great health benefits …

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Four ways to cut the cold

The excitement of fall is filled with pumpkin spice lattes, colorful leaves, open windows —and the common cold. Here are some tips on how to stay well and fight those germs. 1.Go to sleep early or sleep in. Rest is sickness’ worst enemy. It can be tough to go to …

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Insomnia: The sleepless syndrome

Nights spent staring at the ceiling are never fun. However, most college students can probably say that they have spent their fair share of nights drawing imaginary pictures on the ceiling because they could not fall asleep. As a result of high stress, an unhealthy diet and an irregular sleep …

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Nose knows: The power of smell

How mixing smelling and studying can help your grade Some people study with flashcards, while others prefer to study by reading their notes aloud. Study groups are popular on college campuses and a lot of people seek the help of tutors. Many students are hands on, and learn by doing …

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Not an average workout: Making excercise fun again

Get Healthy — Going to the gym is just one of the many options Lynchburg residents have if they are looking for a place to get fit. Photo credit: www.sxc.hu

Back to school means back to classes, stress and eating way too many foods that require only three minutes in a microwave. While unhealthy living is an all too often chosen lifestyle for many college students, Lynchburg offers a variety of different workout options for people looking to get physically fit.

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