What’s up with Doc’s Diner?

Delicious? — Doc’s works to make improvements based on student feedback. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Sodexo staff answers questions regarding student concerns about extended lines and limited food choices I eat at Doc’s Diner every day. I eat there on weekdays. I eat there on weekends. I eat there when I want a meal, and I eat there when I just want a snack. Why …

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Tendency to waste food is trashy

Hard Facts — The truth is hard to avoid for Liberty students dining at the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall. Photo credit: Gabriella Fuller

Wasting what we have been blessed with is a problem. In the past two weeks, signs posted around the dining hall have served as an alarming eye-opener to how indifferent we have become toward wasting food.
The notices announce a recently-developed initiative by Sodexo aimed to […]

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New food options

Dining Hall — Students with food allergies are offered special options. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Liberty University students with dietary restrictions may find some comfort in the allergen-free station at the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall referred to as “Simple Servings.” This relatively new development with Liberty dining, still in the pilot stage of planning by Sodexo dining services, caters to the needs of students with seven …

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Checking out the Asian buffets

When the campus food gets tiresome and students need a change of pace on a tight budget, there is nothing better than an all-you-can-eat buffet. To help students know where to go, the Champion writers have selected the top three Chinese buffets in the area.

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