We cannot afford free college

debt — President Barack Obama proposed free community college. Google Images

More government-funded education is not the answer to our financial woes President Barack Obama recently proposed a free community college plan. Yes, free. “(What) I’m also going to do is announce a proposal that I’m going to be making to make sure that community college is accessible for everybody,” Obama …

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Economy prospers

Liberty helps businesses Liberty University has a vast economic impact on the surrounding areas and continues to grow as the university gets larger, according to Dr. Barry Moore, vice president for Outreach and Strategic Partnerships at Liberty. “As Liberty continues to grow, we will continue to put more money into …

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Will Games Boost Russian Economy?

The 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi have been laced with problems, from failed graphics, to hotel problems, to terror threats. Needless to say, the Olympic Planning Committee has been fighting an uphill battle. Since the threats of terror never seemed to develop, aesthetic problems, like awkward bathrooms, yellow water and …

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