QBOT rewards dining

Liberty University has recently introduced a rewards app that allows students to keep a virtual punch card to earn free drinks and food at restaurants on campus. According to QBOT’s website, the app works similarly to your standard punch card of any loyalty program, but includes a few extra benefits. …

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Cafe attracts students

OPTIONS —  Students can now choose from several new dining locations. Photo credit: Courtney Russo

Jerry Falwell Library food court offers increased dining options Students are flocking to the Jerry Falwell Library, but not necessarily for books. The Tinney Cafe is drawing in the students with its four new dining options, according to Todd Reynolds, Sodexo’s retail manager. One of the dining options, Brioche Dorée, …

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New food options offered

Dining services broadens meal options provided in numerous on-campus spots Sodexo dining services is offering new options to students with food allergies, gluten intolerance or those who prefer “simpler” foods. The Simple Servings program, among others, is designed to help students make health-conscious decisions while catering to the growing number …

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