Searching for answers

LAUNCH — The new center will host Seminary Lecture Series events throughout the semester. Photo provided

Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement begins its first semester Thomas was a doubter. Known for being a skeptic, a disbeliever, a questioner and for demanding proof, “Doubting Thomas” and people living in today’s chaotic world have something in common, especially with the millennial generation. They are asking questions and …

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Cultural festivities

PRIDE — Students from around the world celebrate their international heritage. Photo credit: Courtney Russo

International event encourages student diversity Liberty students from all across the world gathered in front of DeMoss Hall Thursday night, Aug. 28, to celebrate cultures from around the world. This Worldwide Welcome was designed to help new and returning international students connect with others from their native land and from …

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Cultural melting pot

MULTICULTURAL — Liberty’s campus population represents nearly 50 percent of the world’s countries. Photo credit: Breann Black

Students from around the world come to Liberty’s campus to learn and grow From Pakistan to Paraguay and Brazil to Bermuda, students across the globe are hearing about Liberty University, and they are making the journey to Lynchburg, Virginia, just to attend. In Liberty’s 43-year history, students in the international …

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Globally focused

PARADe — Students enjoy GFW. Photo provided

CGE events highlight cross-cultural needs Students were challenged to engage the world as Liberty University’s Center for Global Engagement (CGE) hosted Global Focus Week (GFW) Feb. 10-14. According to CGE, the week-long conference is aimed at raising global awareness among students and offers the opportunity for students, faculty and staff …

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Transforming black history month

CULTURAL CELEBRATION — Remembering our divided history helps us move toward a more united future.  Google Images

African-American History Month should focus primarily on American history and culture, not on race “We should emphasize not Negro history, but the Negro in history. What we need is not a history of selected races or nations, but the history of the world void of national bias, race hate and …

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Celebration of cultures limited to minorities?

Appropriate — Do cultural celebrations do more harm than good? Photo credit: Max Kingensmith, Creative Commons

Volunteers flooded the steps of DeMoss Hall, enthusiastically offering free chips and salsa accompanied by rousing Mariachi music Monday, Sept. 17. Students flocked to the free food, discovering the kickoff event of Liberty University’s Hispanic Heritage Month. Although the event highlighted Hispanic Heritage Month, it also revealed an underlying issue: …

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