Joe Biden, king of gaffes

weird — Joe Biden at the swearing-in of Sec. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall in 2014.  Google Images

Vice president’s continuous blunders may knock him off 2016 candidate list Vice President Joe Biden has provided no shortage of public relations nightmares for President Barack Obama’s White House. With the rest of Washington, D.C., making it through their snow day last week, Biden was definitely not missing any action. …

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Republican Party Ed Gillespie, a Republican, was born the son of an Irish immigrant. He grew up working in the grocery store his parents owned. According to his campaign website, neither of his parents ever went to college, but they strongly encouraged him to attend. He worked his way through …

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Libertarian Party Robert Sarvis, campaigning under the Libertarian Party, is vying for a seat in the U.S. Senate in this year’s general election. Sarvis grew up in West Springfield, Virginia, and graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Sarvis completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard University and …

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Democratic Party Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, a member of the Democratic Party, was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2008 and is seeking a second term for the 2014 election. He currently serves on the Senate Finance, Banking, Budget and Intelligence committees. Warner was the first member of his family …

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Davis runs risky campaign ad

OFFENSIVE — Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis used her opponent’s handicap as advertisement. Google Images

Texas candidate for governor takes big gamble in attack on her opponent For politicians, fall not only means pumpkins and changing leaves, but a greater emphasis on political campaigns as they launch last-ditch efforts to garner votes. Wendy Davis, Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate and current Texas senator, likely had this …

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City Council elections held May 1

Students can voice their opinions on important issues affecting Lynchburg City Council elections are next week — Tuesday, May 1. Many students who are already pressed with decisions of which finals to study for and how they are getting home for summer plans may find themselves asking why they should …

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Meet the City Council candidates

Editor’s note: City Council elections will be held May 1, and the Liberty Champion news staff has decided to give each candidate a platform to discuss his opinions about issues relevant to Liberty University students. Each candidate was given the same amount of time to respond to the Champion’s questions, …

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Romney announced as commencement speaker

Liberty University announced April 19 that Mitt Romney will be addressing Liberty graduates at the 2012 Commencement, on May 12. Romney is currently the front-running Republican candidate for the 2012 Presidential elections. According to his website, Romney was born in Detroit on March 12, 1947. Although Romney is now classified …

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A look at GOP Primary candidates


When the Virginia Republican primaries are held Tuesday, March 6, only two candidates will be on the ballot, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. The information below profiles each candidate’s stance on key issues, and can be found on their official campaign websites. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney Romney has promised …

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Gov. McDonnell endorses Garrett for state senate

Tom Garrett, 22nd District Republican candidate, visited the Republican Victory Center at 3:30 p.m. Sunday to campaign for a seat in the Virginia State Senate. Gov. Bob McDonnell endorsed Garrett at the rally and encouraged supporters to urge as many people as possible to go to the polls and vote …

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Republican Tom Garrett addresses accusations

As the time for State Senate elections approaches, the stress level of the politicians who are running for office continues to increase. Over the past few months, several Republican politicians have unexpectedly begun to change places of residence as they run for State Senate in the upcoming election. The politicians’ …

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Meet the candidates: Kathy Byron

Byron runs unopposed for Virginia House of Delegates, 22nd district As several political candidates fix their eyes on the news and hope for victory in their race, one Republican delegate can sit back and relax as she is running unopposed this election cycle. Kathy Byron has been a Republican member …

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Choosing an American Leader

Voting strictly on religious beliefs is not always the best way to choose a presidential candidate to support Charles Wendell “Chuck” Colson, a Christian leader, Prison Fellowship Ministries founder and former Special Counsel for President Richard Nixon during the Watergate era, recently wrote a column about whether Christians should consider …

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Meet the candidates: Sen. Steve Newman

Sen. Steve Newman, a 15-year state Senate veteran, seeks reelection as the 23rd District Virginia State Senator. Newman, 46, is the Republican incumbent for the 23rd District, which includes Lynchburg and Bedford, Amherst and Campbell counties. Newman’s democratic opponent is Robert Short Sr. Newman was elected into the Virginia State …

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Meet the candidates: Robert Short Sr.

A self-defined small-government and libertarian Democrat, Robert W. T. Short Sr., 24, is running against Republican incumbent Steve Newman for position of 23rd District Senate seat for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Short currently lives in Bedford with his wife Amanda and three children, Rebecca, 3; T.J., 2; and Andy, 6 …

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