Returning home


By Ash Brownd Alumnus brings back flag after fighting in Afghanistan Most Americans were busy celebrating the independence of our nation with grills and fireworks on July 4 of this year. Capt. Christopher Davis, on the other hand, was in Afghanistan taking part in a night sortie, or defensive attack. …

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Donahue killed in action

Sacrifice — Soldier died for nation. Photo provided

Fallen soldier leaves a legacy Maj. Michael Donahue, 41, a paratrooper in the 18th Airborne Corps and a former Liberty University professor, was killed in action Tuesday, Sept. 16, after a Taliban car bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, according to the Fayetteville Observer. The Fort Bragg soldier was an operations support …

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Afghanistan: a victory for the US, women

DEVELOPMENT — An Afghanistani voter shows his inked finger to show that he has voted. Google Images

The recent presidential election in the Middle East may be a sign that the region is making increased progress I saw the headlines, and it was as if I was reading a fantasy, something that could not be true—under any circumstances. As I have Googled information about the Afghani election, …

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