Shea Thomas prepares for curtain call

backhand — Shea Thomas is one of the most successful tennis players in Flames singles history and hopes to continue his career professionally after graduation. Photo credit: Leah Stauffer

Liberty University senior Shea Thomas’ parents plunked him onto a tennis court for the first time at three years old. With a racket roughly as large as his pint-sized body, it was hard to tell whether he was swinging the racket or the other way around — but he seemed to have a natural […]

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Alluvion premieres play

Classic — The audience enjoyed a night of family-centered entertainment. Photo credit: Courtney Russo

With the success of the recent film “Saving Mr. Banks,” the beloved character of Mary Poppins is making a comeback, and it is fitting that Liberty’s Tower Theater will end this season with a theatrical version of the well-known story.

“‘Mary Poppins’ is a fun-loving, family […]

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