Music group recognizes Kintzel

Campus Band leader receives Dove Award nomination for two original songs

Justin Kintzel, leader of Liberty University’s Campus Band, and a father and husband, was nominated for a Dove Award on Aug. 13, according to his wife, Ashley Kintzel.

MUSIC — Justin Kintzel leads students in worship during Spiritual Emphasis Week. Photo credit: Leah Stauffer

MUSIC — Justin Kintzel leads students in worship during Spiritual Emphasis Week. Photo credit: Leah Stauffer

Each year in Nashville, Tennessee, with the exception of 2011 and 2012, the Gospel Music Association (GMA) holds an award ceremony to expose, promote and celebrate the gospel through music, according to

“The project that got the nomination is just a worship compilation made up of songs from worship leaders around the country that was released in Christian bookstores a few months ago by Vital Worship,” Kintzel said.

A total of 42 categories make up the GMA Dove Awards, according to the Dove Awards website, and this year’s 45th Annual Award Ceremony will feature a song written and performed by Kintzel and another that was co-written by Kintzel and his friend Ross King, who is from Bryan, Texas.

According to Kintzel, getting to the point of receiving a nomination for a major music award was not something that came to him on a silver platter. Some doors were opened but many were shut during his pursuit of a career in music. He quickly came to a realization, however, that it was all about the right timing. God’s timing.

“Anytime I’ve ever tried to make things happen on my own, doors slam shut,” Kintzel said. “It wasn’t until I let go of the dream and became content with never leading worship on Liberty’s campus that I got a call asking me to be on Campus Band.”

According to Kintzel, the two songs that were nominated are “Love Displayed” and “Death is Overcome.” He explained that the ideas came to both King and him over time. After many Skype sessions, the songs were finally completed.

“The thing that really makes me tick as a worship leader is not just singing cool songs, but the fact of how significant it is when a group of people come together and are unified in singing truth about our Savior,” Kintzel said. “I feel my role isn’t solely to get people engaged and singing, it’s to connect dots in people’s hearts and minds with what and why they’re singing and who they’re singing to.”

Kintzel gives credit to his wife Ashley and the Lord for molding him into the man he is today.

Together, Kintzel said that he and his wife work with each other and inspire one another in love and in truth. They are not just passionate about music, but they are passionate about people and being servants of Christ to everyone they come across.

“I am extremely blessed to be in an iron-sharpening-iron marriage with Ashley,” Kintzel said. “I feel like we completely bring out the best in each other. We challenge each other and balance each other. Her strength and selfless support has always been an inspiration and just a green light to actively pursue what the Lord may have for us in ministry.”

Kintzel said that if he could give one piece of advice to his followers, it would be to always keep Christ as the central focus in their lives.

“When Jesus is the center, the other things become tasty icing on the best cake ever rather than a neat looking cake that doesn’t fill you up and ultimately disappoints,” Kintzel said.

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