Craigslist killer claims multiple murders

Government officials remain skeptical of the authenticity of Miranda Barbour’s confession to killing more than 22

The story reads like a real-life rendition of the television show “Criminal Minds” — childhood abuse and prolific drug misuse create a complex, convoluted psyche with dangerous subconscious tendencies.

But this is not your typical tortured soul.

Cue the suspenseful music and prepare yourself for the most disturbing element of the story: The murder suspects are newlyweds, and their killing is for pleasure.

The premise is enough to cause chills. But the story does not end here. In fact, it is just beginning. This is the true account of Pennsylvania husband and wife killing team Elytte and Miranda Barbour.

MURDER — Barbour was arrested for the killing of 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara. Google Images

MURDER — Barbour was arrested for the killing of 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara. Google Images

Popularly referred to as the “Craigslist Killer” by news outlets, Miranda Barbour has continued making headlines nationwide since her Feb. 18 confession, which indicated culpability for more than just the single murder tag-teamed with her husband. Miranda Barbour’s jailhouse statement reveals she might be guilty of mass murder, killing more than 22 individuals across the United States.

According to a shocking interview with reporter Francis Scarcella from the Daily Item newspaper in Sunbury, Pa., the 19-year-old murder suspect is claiming to be a serial killer with a Satanic alter-ego.

Though authorities have not yet corroborated any of the Barbours’ claims, the alleged confessions have raised concerns across state lines, as missing persons experts reopen cold case files for investigation.

I believe that the Barbours killed Troy LaFerrara after his response to a companionship advertisement on Craigslist. But the additional 22-plus murders across the nation leave me a bit more suspicious.

First, I am curious as to how Miranda Barbour managed to meticulously pull off more than 20 murders with no evidence whatsoever, only to be caught so quickly for her Craigslist murder.

Second, criminologist Jack Levin told CNN that though it is possible, it is unlikely that Miranda Barbour is a serial killer.

“Anything is possible, and of course it’s conceivable that she’s a serial killer,” Levin said. “But few women are serial killers, and those few are typically older and don’t use knives, as Barbour is accused of doing.”

Miranda Barbour is a disturbed, confused individual with a sick need for attention. Even after her interview and confession, she has shown no signs of remorse or repentance for her violence. In fact, Scarcella quoted her as saying, “If I were to be released, I would do this again.”

Though Miranda Barbour claims not to want attention, a Facebook fan page has already been created in her name. It would seem the self-proclaimed Satanist is on her way to cult status.

Why anyone would create a fan page for a murderer is sickening. Fostering a community of likeminded criminals gives not only appalling insight into the depravity of our society, but it creates a dangerous environment for the glorification of criminals.

Whether Miranda Barbour was indeed a part of a Satanic cult or not, her actions are evil, and they ought to be mourned rather than exalted. LaFerrara may have acted foolishly in his response to the Craigslist advertisement, but his death was tragic nonetheless.

As a society, we should not be increasing the attention this case receives if for any reason other than awareness. As the Barbours have proved, wickedness and depravity are prevalent in our world, and we must become increasingly cautious of our actions both online and in person.

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