Editorial: Turf trumps tradition at new field

Turf wars — Like it or not, Liberty baseball will be played almost entirely on artificial turf. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Baseball is a sport that relies heavily on tradition. To a fan of America’s pastime like me, nothing compares to the nostalgic sights and smells of the ballpark, and the smell of freshly-cut grass is almost as essential to the game as the crack of a wooden bat.

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Phone usage becomes primary offense

Danger — Roughly 5,870 people died and about 515,000 were injured from accidents attributed to texting while driving in 2012.  Photo credit: Jenny House

According to the Virginia General Assembly, eight lawmakers put a stop to texting while driving Monday, Feb. 4, with the passing of the bill that allows police to stop drivers who appear to be texting.
Delegate Richard L. Anderson […]

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