Student Activities hosts first Dorm Olympics

Team work - Students planning out the best strategy. Photo credit: Courtney Russo

Liberty students tested both their minds and physical strength at the first Student Activities (SA) Dorm Olympics in the Schilling Center Saturday, Oct. 12. According to SA member Abigail McWaters, 13 groups participated in the games. The teams, which all sported the same color of T-shirts, ranged in size from …

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From the Desk


It is one of those lessons that can take years to learn, and some people go a lifetime without learning it. People hate change. It makes no difference whether or not the change is good or bad. The smallest differences in a time-honored routine can make anyone bitter, but it …

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Iconic scenes decorate halls

Sculpt — Students’ art projects grace the ILRC. Photo credit: Lauren Adriance

Each year arts students make saran wrap sculptures to diplay in the ILRC The Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and Dorothy all take their iconic stance as they prepare to skip down the yellow brick road. Samantha Baker and Jake Ryan lean in for an anticipated kiss on …

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LaHaye encourages wellness

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - The seminar, entitled "Why weight: Food for Fitness," informed students about healthy eating habits. Photo credit: Macklyn Mosley

Three-part health seminar allows students to learn simple steps for stress prevention from health professionals The LaHaye Student Union continued its Health and Wellness Series committed to keeping the college student’s fear of the “Freshman 15” at bay Wednesday, Oct. 9. The three-part series focuses on lifestyle changes that students …

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Registration deadline approaches


After 5 p.m. tonight, Virginia residents and students will not be permitted to sign up for voting in the state The last day to register to vote in the Nov. 5 Virginia election is today, Oct. 15, according to the website. states that anyone who would like to …

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Alumni and students celebrate the past with a parade, football game and more than 20 other campus events More than 2,800 guests will flood Liberty University’s campus for Homecoming weekend Oct. 18 – 19, according to Tyler Falwell, the university’s director of alumni relations. Alumni and students will have the …

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Overtime thriller

USe YOUR HEAD — Sam Dunnick (2) heads the ball upfield against Winthrop. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

“I couldn’t tell you what was running through my mind,” sophomore Tyler Bullock said about scoring the winning goal in the second overtime. “All I know is I ran straight to the bench, but didn’t have to run far before they all met me on the field, and we celebrated …

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Apple picking trip packs adventure

stuck — Students waited more than two hours for assistance while traffic halted. Photo credit: Tobi Walsh

Slick roads and an immobilized bus could not keep Student Activities from enjoying Carter Mountain Orchard A recent trip of more than a dozen students to Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville, Va. nearly reached an abrupt end when a bus came close to overturning. Students aboard the bus for the …

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Filming from one coast to another

Artistry — Etheridge and Lee film weddings across the nation. Photo provided

Caleb Lee started East West when he saw there was a need for more creativity in wedding cinematography “The works of our hands are only a reflection of the hope that is in our hearts,” Caleb Lee, the owner of East West, a nontraditional wedding videography company, said. “It turns …

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Low education standards cripple U.S.

Photo credit: Abigail Bocke

Americans must find a more effective way to combat substandard international averages in education According to a Huffington Post article by Joy Resmovits, America’s educational performance has fallen behind international levels. Resmovits reported that in an exam known as the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), Americans …

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Shutdown affects military families

HOME AGAIN — Aaron Warrender is reunited with wife Brittney and son Conner.  Photo provided

The government’s inability to reach an agreement is hurting the people who most deserve our protection For those of you praying for our government, bruising your knees from countless hours of repeating Obama’s name to God and hoping for divine intervention, let me write a few more concerns on this …

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Movie sequels see increased showtime

STOP SEQUELS — Series like “The Fast and the 
Furious” limit the industry to tiresome repitition. Photo credit: Google Images

For decades, many have looked to Hollywood as a sort of citadel, where master storytellers produce great works of amazing fiction, capturing the hearts and minds of the audience. I often find myself entrapped in a suspenseful story, imagining myself within the harrowing situations of the hero. However, a noticeable …

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Vote in Virginia’s governor election

Speak out — Students should participate in the upcoming Virginia election. Photo credit: Abigail Bocke

The upcoming gubernatorial race will hold significant consequences for the future of our state and our nation E pluribus unum. The Latin phrase, inscribed into the Seal of the United States, is one of our nation’s first and greatest mottos. Translated into English, the expression reads “out of many, one.” …

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Making progress in minor leagues

Dealing — Richardson received a promotion after spending the year in Oregon. Photo provided

After being drafted, a trio of former Flames continue their journey toward the pinnacle of the sport, the MLB The Liberty Flames baseball team stayed busy during the summer of 2013. After winning the Big South Conference Tournament in May and finishing second in an NCAA regional, Flames players spread …

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Football schedules FBS foes

With Liberty in pursuit of an invitation to join a Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) conference, the Flames will play several highly ranked FBS opponents in the coming years. The Flames football team is currently a Football Championship Subdivision program and is hoping to graduate to FBS play in the next …

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