Thousands anticipate Graham’s address

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will release the “My Hope America” video series Tuesday, Nov. 5

The upcoming evangelical campaign “My Hope America” by Billy Graham is set to sweep the nation this month. With more than 22,000 churches signed up to view the premier, many have heralded the effort as Graham’s last crusade.

INSPIRATION — Graham continues his ministry after more than 70 years of evangelism. Google Images

INSPIRATION — Graham continues his ministry after more than 70 years of evangelism. Google Images

According to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), “My Hope America” is a 30-minute video that portrays the testimonies of lost individuals who came to know Christ and accept him as their personal savior. The special is a look at different people and their divergent backgrounds in faith.

Graham is a household name among Christians and non-Christians alike. His influence over America is something miraculous — and even though he is 94, he is not finished yet with proclaiming God’s word.

“It could be our last chance to see our country turn back to God,” Graham said in a statement released earlier this year in reference to the upcoming campaign. “The hour is late and the need is urgent. The eternal destiny of many souls — and the future of our great nation — is at stake.”

Consider the 11 consecutive relationships Graham has had with U. S. presidents, from Harry Truman to Barack Obama. According to Michael Duffy, Washington bureau chief and executive editor of Time magazine, Graham’s relationships with U.S. presidents is fascinating.

“These meetings were far more than photo opportunities,” Duffy said. “In fact, many of the most important meetings between Billy Graham and the presidents were private — the ones that mattered are the ones that we didn’t know about. They knew Billy Graham was someone they could trust. His friendship was a safe place for them — almost sacred. They knew that their conversations would remain private.”

Regardless of political affiliation or spiritual walk, presidents knew they needed divine help in their endeavors, and who better to relay the ageless truth than Graham?

Consequently, during the 2012 presidential election, Graham released a nationwide advertisement campaign in support of voting for biblical values and for promoting candidates who protect the sanctity of life and the traditional definition of marriage.

Graham has left an incredible impact on our generation, and he has helped to shape our modern evangelical church. He has formed our foundation on how to reach the lost and spread the gospel to the masses.

“During my lifetime, I had the privilege of seeing God move across America in powerful ways, yet we have seen our nation steadily sliding into moral and spiritual ruin,” Graham said about his upcoming broadcast. “As I approach my 95th birthday, I believe that, unless God sends a sweeping revival, America as we have known it — a nation rooted in biblical values — will be a thing of the past.”

Graham is the heart and soul of the evangelical church. He has proven his tireless service and faith in our Lord and remained true to the word. Graham has shown us what stepping out in faith can really do.

Invite your friends and neighbors to participate in this campaign. As Graham states, reaching your community with the gospel of Jesus Christ begins with the individual.

“We can and should pray for America as a whole, but remember that when God sets out to change a nation, he begins by changing people,” Graham said. “It starts with individuals. The more I pray, the more deeply I feel that ‘My Hope America’ is the right outreach for this country today.”

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