Apple ios 7 update crashes server

With millions of iOS 7 requests, the Apple iOS server crashed causing Apple fanatics all over campus to be stuck in the iOS 7 activation limbo.

The anticipation for the Apple iOS 7 update could be seen all throughout campus Sept. 18, when the update was released. What started as a lot of excitement quickly turned into frustration when the update took an average of six to eight hours to complete. The words “Verification Failed” where etched into the minds of many Apple updaters.

Jonathan Giles is a Graduate Assistant for the Health Promotions department and an avid Apple user with a past in the IT Department at LCA. Giles was left for eight hours waiting for his update to finish but could not help but be amused by the massive amount of students and faculty staring at their phones waiting for a response.

“It almost brought everything to a standstill.” Giles said. “I could see it in peoples’ faces: five stars for Apple, slowly going back to four.”

Once the update was finished, the changes were so drastic many claimed it felt like having a new phone all over again, but there have been mixed reviews of the new design. “My phone looks more of a toy than a tool now.” one student said when asked their opinion on the new design. “Some of the features are great but it lost its professional look”

“I like the features, just not the design, the colors and squares that Tim Cook brought in took away my Apple.” Giles said when asked to comment on the overall appearance of the update.

The Apple update was such a major departure from the original iOS design, many did not know what to think of it at first glance. Besides the look of the actual design, thoughts of the update are mostly positive.

“I must admit that the new IOS took me a little while to warm up to. My first thoughts were that it looked too much like a Window’s phone, but with that being said I now LOVE the new design. Like most Apple products it’s simple in that it just works. The whole design is just very natural and intuitive.” said Will Croushorn, a senior in International Relations at Liberty.

Apple made a comment on the new design saying that “no detail is just a detail.” The new design provides time stamps on messages, new ways to turn off apps, see frequent locations, block calls and messages and the Find my iPhone app.

Of course the personal assistant, Siri, got a make over as well; she can now search Twitter and pictures, change settings, recognize unusual names, read emails and play iTunes radio. One review said these minor details showed that they listened to the comments of the Apple fans.

Apple reviews are through the roof about how this will affect the new designs of not only Apple but also their competitors.

Once the technology apocalypse subsided Giles had one last thing to add. “ I promise you, the sun will rise tomorrow and with any luck, the update may be there in the morning.”

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