Center4ME celebrates football

Students and faculty gathered at the Center for Multicultural Enrichment (Center4ME) Friday, Sept. 6 to take part in Center4ME’s weekly Fun Friday event.

Last week’s focus for Fun Friday was football. Students and faculty ate snacks and took part in trivia and photo booth activities.

According to Center4ME Director Melanie Pearl, Center4ME strives to engage students and faculty with fun events that bring people together and promote culture.

“The main thing that we do for the community is celebrate cultural diversity while promoting unity,” Pearl said. “That is our mantra. That is our mission. Our slogan and T-shirts this year read ‘unique in function, united in service.’”

Fun Friday takes place at the same time every week from 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. in Green Hall 1878.

Pearl said that Center4ME staff prides itself on being intentional about engaging students.

“We said, ‘What is something that we can do that the campus can start looking forward to and expect,” Pearl said. “What is something we can do that will bring students and staff together in the same room?”

This week’s Fun Friday was coordinated by Stella Nelson, an alumna of Liberty University who is a full-time staff member at Center4ME.

“We plan the themes during the summer for the whole year,” Nelson said. “Then we actually make the specific teams the week before and plan the food, decorations and everything that goes into the day.”

According to Pearl, next week’s Fun Friday on Sept. 13 will be themed after a county fair. Pearl said that the Monday before the event each week, she and her administrative staff brainstorm on what will make the best experience.

“We will just start to brainstorm and say, ‘What’s going to make this good? what will make it interesting? what will make it authentic?’” Pearl said. “And that is something we are very intentional about with our Fun Fridays that deal with culture, to make it authentic. Not to make fun, but to have a real experience.”

According to Pearl, the Center4ME staff knows which event themes to bring back based on feedback from Facebook.

For more information on Fun Fridays and Center4ME, visit, or check out their Facebook page.

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