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The LaHaye Student Union is expanding the selection of programs offered by bringing a new weight management program to Liberty University.

This program, running from Aug. 19 – Dec. 13, is based on goals and accountability. Those who are involved in the program will have the opportunity to meet monthly with one of the trainers from the LaHaye Student Union, according to Jamie Swyers, director of fitness.

The trainers are there to help participants work toward and complete their goals in areas such as weight, body fat percentage and body mass index.

“It is a way for students to keep track of their progress through the year,” Nicole Williams, member service manager of the Tilley Center said. “It is a better way to help and serve the students.”

The initial meeting with a trainer will involve discussion to provide the student with a starting point to achieving their goals.

“It is like an accountability partner,” Jason Kolar, a manager of the student union said.

The trainer will not be accompanying each student to his or her workouts, but instead, the trainer will act as a guide and will be there for planning and encouragement.

Once goals are set and routines are underway, members of the program will meet with their instructors once each month until the end of the program.

These meetings will allow participants to keep up with their goals by discussing with trainers their progress, as well as any improvements that should be made to goals and plans.

Each time the students meet with a trainer, the latest progress will be recorded on a detailed, easy-to-read chart.

“They will literally see on the page where they have come from,” Swyers said.

According to management at the student union, there were many students asking for a new fitness program as well as a return of the Lahaye LUser weight loss competition. The weight management assistance program was the resulting compromise.

“We wanted to take the competition out of it,” Swyers said. “We wanted to touch more people than the Lahaye LUser program was able to.”

The new program also has the added benefit of being open to not only students, but also faculty and staff, according to Swyers.

“This is going to be great,” Swyers said. “We’ve never done something like this before.”

This is the kickoff semester of this program, which is free of charge. Students, faculty and staff who are interested in joining can sign up in the LaHaye Student Union Center.

For more information, visit the LaHaye Student Union’s official website at

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