Liberty alumni take first place

Beach volleyball team opens inaugural season with tournament

The new Liberty University men’s and women’s beach volleyball teams held their first tournament Saturday, April 27.

Fun in the sun — Liberty students participated in the first beach volleyball tournament of the season. Photo credit: Courtney Russo

Liberty entered seven of their women’s doubles teams and nine of their men’s teams into the tournament. The teams competed in a pool play format, where they played nearly every team. The teams were then ranked in the playoffs by their record during pool play.

The women’s tournament was comprised of three Liberty teams, two Liberty alumni teams, one team from Randolph College and one team from Shepherd University in West Virginia.

The men’s side of the tournament consisted of six Liberty teams, two teams from Navy and one
alumni team.

Only four women’s teams made it to the playoffs, while six of the men’s teams advanced to the playoff round.

The Flames alumni team took first place in the women’s tournament, Liberty’s Sarah Gogerty and Tinsley Zentmeyer took second place, and a Liberty alumni team took third place.

“It was a perfect day for volleyball,” Gogerty said. “We had lots of fans come out and we were all shocked at the support we received. It was awesome.”

Liberty’s men’s teams dominated the tournament as well, with Kevin Snyder and Ethan Chase taking first place on the men’s side. Flames Joel Marselus and David Hong placed second, while Mike Morrison and Ryan Culkin finished third.

“Seeing all the guys and the girls from the club team really step it up in the tournament, and to see how much they have improved was really nice,” men’s tournament player Spenser Foley said.

The Flames will compete Saturday, May 18, in Virginia Beach, as they compete in the Virginia Beach Opener.

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