Champion Staff: Goodbyes

As part of the 2012-13 Champion staff moves on, they share some of their most memorable experiences inside of the Champion office. Some say goodbye while others look to the future with bright eyes. Either way, these six people will forever be in our hearts.
Thanks guys.

Tess Curtis

The feeling I get as May 11 draws near is truly bittersweet. No longer will I walk these halls, get lost on the fourth floor of DeMoss or eat another bite at the Hangar.

No longer will I see that same group of people at the Rot—those people you see again and again throughout your four years at college but never manage to catch their names.

Well, it is too late to catch them now. I am leaving.

The experience I have had here at Liberty has been simply amazing — the friends I have made here, the professors who have supported and encouraged me in everything, have all contributed to the person I am today.

It is a little daunting, the idea of going out into the “real world.” I think I can manage it, though. If not, I always have the friends I made here to lean on if I ever need the support. Thank you for everything, Liberty.

Andrew Woolfolk

Oh the conundrum of summarizing all my memories of the past year and saying goodbye to my readers in 150 words or less.

The past year I have spent as the opinion editor at the Liberty Champion has been a marvelous privilege. I have been able to give my insight on a variety of topics, ranging from the shortcomings of politicians in Washington to the importance of appreciating our military to my thoughts on gun control. Every issue I have covered has helped to open my eyes a little wider to the ways of the world.

Though these discussions may not be as intriguing as the latest status update on Facebook, I beg all those reading this article to stay connected to the news. I take pride in the fact that journalists serve as a tool for history, recording the events that shape who we are and who we will become. When we cease to learn about each other, we cease to grow.

To everyone on the staff, I wish you all the best. Those on the Champion staff are not only my co-workers, but also my friends.
Good luck, let’s make history!

Tyler Eacho

Writing and editing for the Liberty Champion has been my most fulfilling academic venture at Liberty University. For me, college has been a journey filled with unknowns. My job at the Champion has been refreshing, because I was reassured that writing is one of my passions.

In my time at the Champion, I have grown as a journalist and, more importantly, as a person. After hours and hours spent together in the office, I believe that members of the staff have developed close-knit relationships, and I find myself proud to have been a part of this particular group of people.

One distinct phrase, from the brilliant mind of sports editor Kyle Harvey, resonates with me: “This is a newspaper. We all have issues.” He is right in saying that there were plenty of problems that sprouted up throughout the year. The great thing is that, together as a staff, we learned how to work through those problems to produce a newspaper that we could be proud to put on the shelves every week.

As I move forward, I will most certainly miss my time at the Champion, but I know I will carry the lessons that I learned there with me in my career.

Melanie Oelrich

Where do I begin? These last 12 months of my junior year have been a wild ride. It will be hard to compress my thoughts and feelings from this last year into 150 words, but I will try my best.

This time last year, I applied and was accepted onto The Liberty Champion staff as the news editor. The opportunities that have come my way, the hours upon hours spent in the office and crazy amounts of articles that I have written have not only shaped me personally, but also professionally.

I never thought I would be a good writer, but thanks to Deborah Huff and the supportive Champion staff, I have strengthened in skill and knowledge, among other characteristics, which I will be able to carry with me wherever the Lord takes me next.

My prayer for the new staff is 2 Thessalonians 3:5, which says, “May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.”

Thanks to our readers, my family, friends, boyfriend and Liberty University for your endless support in shaping whom I am today.

Love you all!

Elliot Mosher

I’m not really good at goodbyes so
… “that’ll do pig,” “hasta la vista baby,” “stay sweet,” “Zed’s dead baby,” “here’s to looking at you kid,” “good night and good luck,” “fire up the roof,” “see you in another life brother,” “good night sweet prince,” “if I don’t see you, good afternoon good evening and good night,” and finally, as the Von Trapp children would say, “so long, farewell, it’s time to say goodbye, adieu, adieu to you and you and you, goodbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee.”

Kyle Harvey

I have lots of people to thank for the last year serving as an editor for this publication. First of all, I’d like to thank Deborah Huff, whose expert guidance has been paramount to our success and continued growth as journalists.

I’d like to thank the editing team of Tess Curtis, Ashley McAlpin and Tabitha Cassidy for catching my mistakes and polishing my stories.

I’d like to thank Derrick Battle, my incredibly able assistant who the sports section would have been lost without on a weekly basis.

I’d like to thank all of our athletes — the stars of our pages. It has been a pleasure to witness and record all of your accomplishments from the last year.

I’d like to thank our readers. Without you, this whole operation is pointless. Thanks for turning to us for news and analysis of what matters to you most at school.

I’d like to thank my most devoted reader — my beautiful girlfriend Jeannette Larsen. You’re my best friend, my inspiration and the love of my life.
To God be the glory for every word I write in my future career.

Kyle Harvey — over and out.

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