Students go crazy for Lecrae

The Grammy-winning hip-hop artist spoke in convocation and performed at a Student Activities concert March 22

Run by Student Activities, the Lecrae concert Friday, March 22 sold more than 5,800 tickets and was an evening filled with bustling hip-hop, godly messages and even an on-stage proposal by an attending couple.

As 4 p.m. approached, Liberty students and guests had already begun to show their dedication as hardcore fans of Lecrae waited outside for the doors of the Vines Center to open.

Gravity — Lecrae performed many songs from his Grammy-winning album. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Students and members of the community eagerly flooded into the Vines Center at 7 p.m.

Nearly every seat in the Vines Center was filled with a noisy spectator as the time neared the 8 o’clock curtain call.

The Lecrae concert had two opening acts, Propaganda and Andy Mineo, which both brought different musical tastes to the line-up. Propaganda presented a style not often seen among hip-hop singers. Along with rapping, the artists recited songs resembling poetry and sermons.

Andy Mineo took things one step further when he got the majority of the crowd on their feet, shouting “AYO” after his new single. He then began rapping at an incredible speed that made the crowd frantic.

By 9:15 p.m., fans were primed and ready for the main event. The announcer’s voice yelling “Lecrae” to introduce the main attraction could not even be heard over the roar of the crowd.

The audience moved closer to the stage, getting out of their seats as Lecrae came out singing.

Lecrae had spectators fist pumping and waving their arms in the air together as one while one student surfed through the crowd of his fellow schoolmates, filming it on his phone as Lecrae rapped across the stage.

Lecrae played hits from his newest album Gravity, including “Fakin’” and “No Regrets,” where Lecrae encouraged the crowd to pursue Christ-like lives.

“It was awesome! Everyone seemed to enjoy it,” Liberty junior Becki Rose said. “There were parents dancing and little kids singing along, so it was good.”

Sold out — Students lined up in advance for Lecrae’s packed performance. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Later in the show, Lecrae invited a couple from the crowd to come on stage, the girl unaware of her boyfriend’s intentions as he went down on one knee and proposed with the crowd going wild. Lecrae and the audience prayed over the couple, and Lecrae gave them some relationship advice.

Lecrae closed off the evening by playing songs from his past albums, like “Jesus Muzik” and “Don’t Waste Your Life,” getting the crowd to sing along with him.

“I was really excited that he played some of his older stuff,” Liberty senior Mark Wilson said.

During the show, Lecrae took the time to share some of his testimony, telling the story of how he came to Christ.

“Do you not know that you were bought at a price?” Lecrae said.

After the show’s supposed conclusion, Lecrae came out one more time to perform an encore song with Propaganda and Mineo.

Lecrae took the time to reflect on what has kept him humble throughout the years of his music career.

“I have great people around me consistently who remind me who I am,” Lecrae said. “And when you spend time in the word of God, you see real quickly that you are nothing but a product of grace, and everything going on around you is done by his hands.”

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