Lynchburg makes list

The American Bible Society ranked America’s most Bible-minded cities in a recent study, and Knoxville, Tenn. secured the first spot. However, Lynchburg and Roanoke also broke the top 10, coming in at No. 8 out of 96 cities.

According to the American Bible Society, the ranking was determined by a combination of regular Bible reading and a belief that the Bible is accurate.

Johnnie Moore, Liberty University’s vice president for communications, was not surprised to hear that Lynchburg and Roanoke made it into the top 10. He said that he believes Liberty’s impact on its community is one of the primary reasons that Lynchburg and Roanoke placed as high as they did.

“Liberty University is at the heartbeat of Christianity — not only in America, but around world,” Moore said. “So, surely, it ought to be at the heart of Lynchburg.”

Liberty has a tremendous impact on the community of Lynchburg, according to Moore. Not only are students instilled with a strong foundation of biblical knowledge in the classroom, but students are also encouraged to put this knowledge into practice in the community and in their professions.

“Every student (who) attends this university leaves with a better understanding of Scripture and a greater idea of how it should be integrated in their life and career,” Moore said. “We are not only proponents of a Bible-centered life and society, we are among those contributing the most to make this reality in our nation and around the world.”

According to the news release, the American Bible Society works to ensure that the Bible is available to any and all who desire to read it. This mission is similar to Liberty’s aim to train champions for Christ, a desire that originates from a belief in the Bible.

For four years in a row, senior psychology major Jenna Kidd has experienced firsthand the impact that Liberty makes on the community and around the world. Kidd has participated in community service and two mission trips through Liberty.

“We do a lot of community service, so we’re able to share Christ out in the communities,” Kidd said.

She also added that she is thankful for the way in which Liberty is preparing her to embark into the world of psychology. Because Liberty provides students with the proper tools for biblical-mindedness, Kidd said that she has more confidence as graduation looms around the corner.

“All of our majors … are geared to help us integrate our faith into our workforce and career,” Kidd said. “So, they’re giving us the tools to effectively be able to show that we’re following Christ.”

Kidd is not the only student who thrives on biblical knowledge. Junior Kessley Carlson said that she is grateful for how Liberty equips students for the real world and for spreading the Gospel. Like Kidd, Carlson has travelled with Liberty to other countries, allowing God to use her across the world.

“(Liberty) gives you that solid foundation. … In college, you kind of define who you are more, and at Liberty, you’re defined (by) your relationship with God,” Carlson said. “It’s hard to be out in the world because it’s easy to get discouraged, but when you have the foundation … (it) is always helpful.”

Understanding the significance of this foundation, Moore believes that it is essential that students focus on becoming more biblically minded.

“The single most important thing you can do for your spiritual health is to read the Bible regularly, but we have to live too what we read,” Moore said. “When that happens, the Bible’s transforming of us will transform our world, too.”

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