Serving God overseas

Liberty students sacrifice their break for mission trips

At a time when other students are typically at home with family members, a few groups of Liberty University students traded in the comfort of their own homes and Christmas traditions in order to travel to different countries and spread the Gospel.

India — Kalley Long prays with a woman during the two-week long trip. Photo provided

Junior Kalley Long, a music education and performance double major from Virginia, said that she had the privilege of going to Nagpur, India from Dec. 16 through the 31.

Thanks to Crossroads Worldwide, an organization started by Clayton King, Long and 20 others were able to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

During her time in India, Long ministered by Christmas caroling, playing with children at an orphanage, spending time with local Bible college students, preaching and praying.

According to Long, praying over a staff member of the Bible college opened her eyes to the power of God.

“What a big God we are praying to, that He listens to my prayer in English, and her prayer in Hindi,” Long said. “Not only does He listen, but He cares and He answers. Never take for granted the awesome privilege we have to talk to the God of the universe.”

Student Kathleen Dewitt, a freshman journalism major from Virginia, went on her first mission trip over the winter break to East Asia. Through Light Ministries, she and 13 other students brought in the new year sharing the Bible.

“It broke my heart to see the darkness and hopelessness of those living without knowing the truth, but we could see God’s light shining even in the darkness,” Dewitt said.

According to Dewitt, ministering in East Asia was a new experience that helped her fully rely on God. She said that seeing how the people lived there was a shock, giving her a new appreciation for all the luxuries that are available to Christians in America.

“In America, it is easy to forget that many people don’t have the freedom to go to church, evangelize or even own a Bible,” Dewitt said.

Both Long and Dewitt said that they look forward to future mission trip opportunities. These two students, along with countless others, willingly gave up their holiday time for the most important mission, the spreading of God’s love.

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