Spiritual Emphasis Week inspires students

Spotlight on God — Clayton King spoke, and the Campus Praise Band performed, as students focused on God during Liberty’s annual Spiritual Emphasis Week. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Spiritual Emphasis Week at Liberty is a time where many students focus on God and make decisions that will impact the rest of their life.

“I have the best seat of the house,” Justin Kintzel, worship pastor at Liberty University said. “I can look at the top chairs and see hands lifted up. To see everyone engaged was amazing.”

Clayton King was this year’s main speaker, his words reaching from the stage into the student body, where his messages were received by many open hearts. A frequent traveler, King was excited to walk the halls of Liberty once again.

“This is my favorite place in the world to preach. Every time I leave, I start looking forward to the next time I preach,” King said. This year, King covered many topics. He taught that God’s followers are loved, saved, secure and sent. They are more than conquerors with the love of Christ. The true emphasis, however, was finding one’s identity in God and His abounding love.

“If [the students] can find their identity and their security in the love of God, it would change the rest of their lives,” King said.

With these lessons, the students at Liberty can adequately prepare to bring others to Christ through the firm foundation of God in their lives.

“Love starts where you are. My mission field is wherever I’m at,” King said in one of his sermons.

He declared that students do not need to travel overseas to minister. The mission field is everywhere God allows you to be.

“If people don’t know that the gospel makes us love them, they will not believe the gospel has anything to offer them,” King said.

The heartbeat of Liberty is fueled by a love for Christ.

“Liberty puts an emphasis on love because there are so many people you can go to,” Liberty student Tyler Hasty said.

When learning to be disciples, Liberty students do not need to look far. Liberty is blessed to be led by Christ-centered prayer leaders, pastors, worship leaders and professors.

“I like knowing that I always have security in the love of Christ and [that] He is always there for me,” Liberty sophomore Shelby Matthews said.

Preaching truth — King spoke four times during the week. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Evangelism professor David Wheeler was thrilled to see God working in the lives of

“There is more of an openness to share in my class,” Wheeler said.

He got the chance to celebrate with several students who were saved or made the choice to rededicate their lives to Christ after the messages presented by King.

“The purpose of Spiritual Emphasis Week is surrendering to God, realizing you can’t do it on your own,” Wheeler said.

Through humor and the occasional passionate outburst, King opened his heart to the students.

“I’ve never felt the spirit of God at a place like I do here,” King said.

His laughter made the students listen for the next joke while his serious moments stopped Liberty cold, bringing the gospel and presenting it in a new way to freshmen and seniors alike.

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