Art brightens up ILRC

Creativity and freedom of expression reigned supreme at Liberty University’s 13th annual Juried Art Show which began on Friday, April 13. The exhibit was hosted by the Studio and Digital Arts Department and showcased 45 students’ work in the Integrated Learning Resource Center (ILRC).

On display — Students can currently view the best of their classmates work throughout the ILRC. Photo credit: Michael Johnson

The art pieces were chosen by a designated juror prior to their inclusion in the exhibit. This year’s juror was the President and Founder of B2B Studio, Brad Blackburn. B2B studio is a digital arts organization that has aided countless clients with design assistance, including design work for Thomas Road Baptist Church’s Charles Billingsley.

A total of 70 pieces of student work were submitted in categories including photography, drawing, painting, graphic design and mixed media. The art will remain available for viewing in the ILRC through the end of the semester.

“We had a lot of work entered this year. Our judge was really impressed with the breadth of work as well. I was really pleased with the quality of the work that was submitted to the show,” Chair of the Department of Studio and Digital Arts and Associate Professor of Communication Studies Todd Smith said. “As a juried show, not every piece makes it in. This kind of competition encourages students to go to the next level so that the work they enter is better.”

“The Juried Art Show is an excellent opportunity for any Liberty student to put their work ‘out there’ for the student body to enjoy. Our department really loves letting art be a point of excitement and beauty for the University, so having some of the student’s best work on display is our way of reminding every viewer of the original Creator and the beauty of His creation,” secretary and gallery assistant for the Studio and Digital Arts department Katelyn Coogan said.

Awards are given each year for the art submitted. Awards include Best of Show, First, Second, Third and Honorable mention in each category. Students of all majors were able to submit their work.

“The growth and influence of the visual arts at Liberty University is pretty remarkable in my opinion. The engine that helps propel this, in part, is the Studio and Digital Art department. The department helps provide a context for creativity and artistic expression through its curriculum, student clubs and competitions,” Smith said.

The Juried Art Show is one of several exhibits the Studio and Digital Art department puts on every year. Other events include Fall Guest Artist Exhibit, Senior Art Shows, Larger-than-Life exhibit, Professors Choice, Photography exhibits and many others.

“Our students are continuously encouraged to design for the glory of God and to reflect his creativity in all they do. Given these ingredients, students rise to the occasion. I constantly hear from students who see their artistic activity as an act of worship. Our ultimate goal is to prepare students to take this approach into the field of art as designers, art educators, art critics, curators, and so on,” Smith said.

For more information about future events, visit the Studio and Digital Arts Studio Department on Liberty’s website.

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