DIY coffee roasting

For Liberty student Brennan Beikert, coffee isn’t an addiction. It’s an art. Buying green coffee beans from local coffee shops, he roasts his own batch to create flavor that suits his taste and his budget.

Not your average Joe — Brennan Beikert prepares his own perfect brew, roasting coffee beans himself in a popcorn popper in his dorm. Photo credit: Kate Powley

“I’m always watching the beans I use, looking at the color to see when they’re finished roasting,” Beikert said. “The way they’re roasted changes the way they taste.”

The sophomore Aeronautical Science major has researched roasting techniques but uses a simple popcorn popper to create the perfect roast.

“A regular popcorn popper is pretty cheap, usually costing around $25,” Beikert said. “My roommates don’t mind the smell. Once the beans cool and sit for a day or two in an airtight container, the aroma is incredible.”

Beirkert has been roasting his own coffee for about a year and a half now, having learned the art from a friend who does missions work in Azerbaijan.

“My friend showed me how and I really enjoy it. It’s actually quite affordable,” Beikert said.

One pound of beans costs around $5-6, depending on the bean.

Beikert has been drinking coffee since he was 13-years-old, but when asked about his coffee preferences, he says fresh and locally roasted coffee beans always trump those found in big franchises.

“There’s no variety in flavor in the way they roast,” Beikert said. “Freshly roasted coffee has a great flavor. It’s rewarding to have the best quality.”

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