Computers were unavailable for students use.

Laptops and personal computers began to appear on campus.

A random collection of classes began to use computers. By the end of the decade, five computer classrooms were constructed in the science hall.

With the expansion of DeMoss, nine computer classrooms were placed on the second floor inside the ILRC.

Expansion brought the number of computers to 418.

The ILRC expanded on to the third floor of DeMoss. The number of ILRC classrooms with computers increased to 15 and the total number of computers almost doubled to 804. Additional labs were also built for the new School of Engineering and Computational Science on the third floor, and other computer centers were located in specialized learning centers around campus.

The number of computers in computer labs continues to increase. A larger emphasis is also being placed on students’ ability to use their own laptops by connecting to any of the 700 wireless access points from almost anyplace on campus.

Information supplied by Computer Labs and Facilities Manager Casey Murray.

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