SGA to hold Hall Senator elections this week

New system designed to better represent students

“Leadership is servant-ship,” Student Body President Cody May said.

One and a half years ago, a group of Student Government Association (SGA) leaders started reviewing Liberty University’s Constitution to better serve their fellow students. The group thought the Constitution needed revisions and updates to make the SGA run more professionally.

Among other changes, the Hall Senator amendment was implemented, and the SGA welcomed the new Hall Senators in the spring semester of 2011. The Hall Senator system became an official part of the new school constitution as of spring 2011.

Hall Senators are students elected by their fellow hall-mates to represent them in the SGA. Hall Senators are obligated to join at least one committee in the SGA. The committees range from a Clubs Committee to a Budget Committee and a Spiritual Life Committee.

Government students and non-government students alike are encouraged to be a part of this opportunity to serve the student body and gain experience working in a professional leadership position. Having diversity in the SGA allows other student groups to be better represented and helps SGA better understand which student groups need help as they grow.

“We can’t leave (student groups) behind,” May said.

The Hall Senator program is designed for students to have more direct access to the SGA leaders who represent them. The program helps the SGA operate more professionally, and students now have better representation.

There is also senator representation for commuter students. One senator is assigned to represent 100 commuter students. Students who wish to be a senator, but lost their election, still have an opportunity to be a senator through open spots called “Senators at Large.”

When asked about the future of SGA, May’s eyes light up and SGA Vice President of Government Affairs Stephen Walsh fittingly referred to May as “Mr. Ambition.”

“We’re here for the students,” May said, “We see a lot of potential to grow and mature.”

SGA is striving to become more professional, while maintaining a relaxed college atmosphere.

“Balance is the key,” May said.

Brainstorming has already commenced to bring about fun events to connect the senators with the students. SGA will continue with the annual Junior/Senior Gala, as well as introduce new events.

May encouraged students to consider running for Hall Senator.

“Definitely run,” May said. “(SGA) gives you a chance to serve. It’s a great place to meet people, and be involved in community life.”

“We want to come to an era of understanding between students and administration. We want to march forward together,” Walsh said.

Students can vote for their Hall Senator Aug. 30 during hall meeting. The next SGA meeting is Thursday, Sept. 8. The meetings occur every other week and last approximately one hour.

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