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It’s no secret that pop-up shops, thrifting, and small businesses are all the rage these days. A college town like Lynchburg, VA is no exception when it comes to what’s trending.

Founded by Macy Morehart and Lee Patton, “Lynchburg Market” is a pop-up bazaar where both local and out-of-state businesses, many of which are run by students, come together to promote community and support small businesses.

The vendors set up shop, and dozens of students flock to the market in hopes of purchasing goods from local vendors and, in some cases, their friends.

Lynchburg Market vendors include Vagabonds Vintage, Jump for Joey’s Boutique, and Eden Plant Co. Items ranging from vintage clothing, to jewelry, to brand sweatshirts can be purchased.

The event is held once a month at Atelier Studio and Gathering Space in Downtown Lynchburg. Visit for more info or check them out on Instagram: @lyhmkt!

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