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Message from the President – Fall 2022

By President Jerry Prevo, September 20, 2022

At Liberty University, our students are anything but ordinary; they are extraordinary. I am continually amazed and inspired by God’s work in and through them as they pursue His calling in every avenue of life. That is why I am overwhelmed with joy when I see them return to campus for the beginning of a new academic year. 

As interim president, I have had the unique privilege to participate in some of Liberty’s most significant milestones with our students. Last fall, we began our 50th Anniversary by welcoming the largest incoming class in school history, and in the spring, we celebrated one of our largest graduating classes on record. Williams Stadium was filled with deep rows of bright smiles among the tassels.

The next 50 years begin now. We are off to a great start with the second-largest incoming class on record and the largest student population in school history from all 50 states and over 70 countries around the globe. Our world-class academics offers over 700 degree programs. Our NCAA Division I athletics programs are having tremendous success and garnering national attention with eight conference championships and a third-straight bowl victory just last year. Our spiritual emphasis and commitment remain strong as Liberty hosts the largest weekly worship gathering of college students from anywhere in the country.

As Liberty grows, we are expanding our capacity to serve students by building a new dining hall that will offer 40% more interior space than our current facility. We have also begun construction on the new state-of-the-art Jerry Falwell Center that will honor our founder’s legacy as a permanent reminder of the faith, vision, and purpose of Liberty University. Our Liberty Bell has been removed from the Freedom Tower so it can be displayed there.

While I celebrate these many milestones and accomplishments with our incredible students, I am reminded of my greatest responsibility as president — to Train Champions for Christ. I am constantly pointing our students to the Gospel because I love them and want them to leave here with more than a degree; I want them to leave with a love for Jesus Christ and a passion to serve Him. I want them to build their lives like the wise man in Jesus’ parable who built his house upon the rock.

My friend, Dr. Jerry Falwell, had great ambition and purpose for this university. He always believed that young people were the hope of the nation and the world as long as they were committed to Christ. He also knew that only God could build such a university. As we begin our next 50 years together, I invite you to pray fervently for our students as Dr. Falwell did many years ago, knowing that nothing of eternal significance can happen without prayer.

Pray that Liberty always remains faithful to the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ no matter what the world throws our way. By God’s grace, we will remain steadfast and faithful.

Jerry Prevo | President


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