K-12 program helps families seeking stable online option

September 24, 2020

At a time when online schooling has not only become a convenient option but also a necessity for some families, Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) is meeting the increasing demand.

The K-12 accredited program has seen an impressive 240 percent rise in applications since last fall. It now serves 11,000 students and is projected to surpass 13,000 enrolled by the end of the year.

“A lot of families, in order to find some stability in these uncertain times, are coming to us and saying, ‘We want to find a quality education for our children, a place where we can plug them right in and know that they can continue to learn without disruption,’” said LUOA Dean Chris Rusk. “COVID, amongst other things, is really propelling families to find answers that are built on solid information and not government recommendations to schools, which can change weekly.”

As a product of a university that pioneered distance learning, LUOA is known for its strong academics.

“Families who are making the switch from public school systems are amazed at how rigorous our program is,” Rusk said, adding that LUOA erases the stigma of impersonal online learning because teachers and academic advisors give personalized assistance to every student in the program. “We’re working alongside the parents, and we want to see our students succeed as much as they do.”

Students are attending LUOA from all 50 states and over 36 countries.

LUOA offers over 250 distinct K-12 classes, as well as electives such as guitar, public speaking, creative writing, and more. The program has rolling enrollment, with start dates every Monday (except holidays), and provides a 10-month curriculum, so families can decide to go year-round or add in their own breaks.

“It’s very adaptable to family schedules. We have students who are athletes and travel all over for competitions. We even have students who are actors and actresses,” Rusk said. “The program also helps parents whose jobs can move them all around the country, as well as families who have children with medical conditions that make it hard to attend a traditional school. Our goal is to always help out families, to not only provide the right fit for the students but for all family members. We partner together in the educational pursuit.”

LUOA is also one of the top providers of dual enrollment education nationally, setting up high school students for success in college.

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