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Where is your office located?

I am a student musician – can I perform at Liberty?

How do I purchase tickets to an upcoming concert?

At what age do children need a ticket for a concert?

Can I get a refund for my concert tickets?

I have a suggestion for a band/performer that I would like see at Liberty – who do I talk to?

How do you choose the artists you bring in for concerts?

How do you choose the movies you show?

Our movie night selections are based first on their rating in regards to the guidelines set forth in The Liberty University Code of Conduct (PG-13 or less). Beyond this, we primarily use the website Kids In Mind to check the overall content of those movies. We try to select movies that are new and/or relevant, typically selecting movies that have been released in the previous 6-12 months or are nostalgic for the student body. Finally, we pay for movie licenses from the licensing companies who provide them, which allows us to present them at our events for public viewing.

We view this the same way we would, say, a Convocation speaker hosted by the university, whether within the bounds of Christianity or outside of it, with whom “we” (Liberty, administration, students, faculty, staff, academic departments, etc.) may agree or disagree. It is the opinion of our department that the presentation of a movie/film does not and should not imply endorsement. Part of the collegiate academic experience should include the thoughtful engagement of many differing points of view. While we may not support the agenda or the entire message of a given movie, we encourage students to watch it without feeling compelled to adopt an agenda or unquestioningly embrace the message therein.

Ultimately, we want students to exercise discernment when choosing whether or not to attend a movie night. We hope students will apply Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 8-9 as they approach both the movie night and their peers. Additionally, we hope that students will both enjoy and engage the movies we show, taking in the entertainment without “shutting off” and mindlessly consuming whatever is in front of them.

What is the Clear Bag Policy?

Can I work for Student Activities?

Can I bring my non-Liberty friend to an upcoming event?