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Christmas Coffeehouse: Snowed In
December 2 / 11:30 p.m.
Vines Center

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Around Christmas time, everything can seem crazier. Shopping is harder, traffic is slower, and family members you didn’t even know you had are now sleeping in your house. On top of that, there are 100 things to get done. You need to go to school, then go to practice, take a test, and turn in a paper… then, on that fateful day, the universe chooses to grant you a special gift. A snow day! The best thing that can possibly happen. No more school. No more tests, just a day filled with sledding, snowmen, hot cocoa, and wintery memories. This Christmas Coffeehouse, we will celebrate that simple moment when all cares and worries are dashed aside for a day of snowy adventures. We hope to see you all at Christmas Coffeehouse: Snowed In.







Event Policies

  • All doors will open one hour prior to the start of the show.
  • All guests will enter through metal detectors and must adhere to the Clear Bag Policy, so please bring as few belongings as possible.
  • Please sit in the assigned seat that is indicated on your ticket.



Register for a Timeslot

This is your chance to perform in front of the entire Liberty Student body! Student Activities Coffeehouse showcases dozens of Liberty’s best performers in a 2-hour, packed house event and we are inviting you to tryout. We want to see you on stage, in the Vines Center, on December 2nd.

Interested in trying out or submitting a video? All we ask is that you embrace the spirit of Christmas Coffeehouse: Snowed In.


Tryout Guidelines

Video Submissions

  • Videos must be between 1:30 – 5:00 mins in length
  • Files must be: MP4, 16:9, and 1080p (suggested: 5-8mbs, H.264 Stereo Audio)
  • All videos must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on October 23
  • All video files and this PDF must be uploaded to this Dropbox link with each file labeled ‘Name_VideoTitle’
  • All videos must add captions to improve the viewers experience
  • Any videos containing footage of illegal or unlawful activity will not be considered for the show

Tryout Reservations