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Coffeehouse: Animated
March 23rd / 11:30 p.m.
Vines Center

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It is impossible to tell a good story without acknowledging the human experience. We learn more about ourselves through the trials and triumphs we face every day. But sometimes we need something else, something fun, creative, and emotional to tell our stories. No other medium can do this like animation can. It is an art form with endless possibilities, unbound creativity, and limitless joy. Whether it’s toys that show how much we need each other or an ogre who learns that his greatest fear is actually what he needed all along. Families with superpowers teach us that our greatest strengths lie within our bonds to one another. Life’s many experiences have inspired vivid landscapes where we have felt understood, deep sadness, and joyous laughter. Where would we be without Barry B. Benson asking us “Do ya like jazz?” or Agnes letting us know how fluffy a unicorn is?

Each one of these stories reminds us that all people are united by human emotion. We may have different backgrounds and cultures, but animation can move us to laughter or tears. Help us celebrate the impact of animation on March 23rd in the Vines Center for Coffeehouse: Animated.

For those interested in trying out, please select a tryout time at the link below and be sure to read all guidelines before scheduling a session.





Tryouts are open!

Reserve a Timeslot

Tryouts Dates are Feb. 12, Feb. 13, Feb. 15, Feb. 17, Feb. 19, and Feb. 20 from 4 – 10 p.m. (1 – 7 p.m. on Feb. 17).

This is your chance to perform in front of the entire Liberty Student body! Student Activities Coffeehouse showcases dozens of Liberty’s best performers in a 2-hour, packed house event and we are inviting you to tryout. We want to see you on stage, in the Vines Center, on March 23rd.

Interested in trying out or submitting a video? All we ask is that you embrace the spirit of Coffeehouse: Animated.


Tryout Guidelines

Video Submissions

  • Video Submissions are now closed.
  • Videos must be between 1:30 – 4:30 mins in length
  • Files must be: MP4, 16:9, and 1080p (suggested: 5-8mbs, H.264 Stereo Audio)
  • All videos must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on February 19th.
  • All video files and this PDF must be uploaded to this Dropbox link with each file labeled ‘Name_VideoTitle’
  • All videos must add captions to improve the viewers experience
  • Any videos containing footage of illegal or unlawful activity will not be considered for the show
  • All persons that appear in Videos must have given their explicit to be on screen.
  • While animations will work very well given the theme, videos do not have to be animated.
  • All end credit sequences must be 0:10 or under.

Tryout Reservations

Song List