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Where Are You Going? NYC

December 5, 2019

Traveling is always a huge part of the holiday season, whether it’s to visit family, go on vacation, or become a tourist in an unfamiliar city. My family usually stays in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, for the holiday season, but this year we decided to shake it up a bit. With Christmas right around the corner, I’m going to share a little bit about my family’s upcoming trip to New York City.

We plan to fly out of Atlanta on Christmas morning around 5 AM, which will put us in New York City at approximately 8 AM. Our first stop on the itinerary is tea time at The Plaza Hotel. Located inside The Plaza is The Palm Court, which offers a variety of gourmet sandwiches and hot teas. I ordered ahead and chose the Eloise Holiday Tea, with an English Cucumber Sandwich. After we finish tea time at The Plaza, we plan to take a trip to the Empire State Building. I’ve been to New York several times in the last few years, however, I have yet to visit the Empire State Building. In the evening, we plan to go ice skating at The Rink at Rockefeller Center around 8:30 PM. We will likely be exhausted after walking around the city all day, so naturally, we plan to grab a New York slice from Marinara Pizza Place—supposedly the “best pie in New York City”.

On the second day, our first stop on the list is window shopping at Fifth Avenue. There’s something about being in New York City during Christmas time that will make shopping with my family so special. After shopping, we plan to do something more relaxed, which means we will be heading to the American Museum of Natural History to see the iconic skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus rex. Next, we will make our journey to The Boat House in Central Park. We plan to conclude the second day with frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity’s.

The last day is not planned, which means we will have a bit of freedom to fit in anything that we missed. I am extremely excited to experience New York City during the holiday season, and I can’t wait to eat some of the best food in New York. I hope to make new memories with my family, and just enjoy the time we have in the city together. I wish to everyone traveling during the Christmas season; safety, blessings, and a Merry Christmas!








Written by: Madelyn Mauck

Madelyn is a Junior studying Business Administration: Project Management. She enjoys writing for the blog, not only because it helps her develop as a creative writer, but because it gives her a chance to share her experiences through a platform she would not have without Student Activities.