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Tauren Wells Deep Dive

September 21, 2023

A talented artist, performer, teacher, and leader, Tauren Wells definitely doesn’t need to fake it to make it. With ten Grammy nominations and many more accomplishments behind him, Wells would still give the glory to God for each one. His music style and presence are even compared to music legends like Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and Michael Jackson. How did this masterful solo artist get to where he is today?

Wells started his music career way back in 2004 with three friends while they were in college. They called themselves Royal Tailor and became well-known in the Christian contemporary circle, but not until some years later. Their debut album, Black & White, was released in 2011, and their second self-titled album was released two years later. Some of their hits include “Ready Set Go” with Capital Kings, “Remain,” and “Got That Fire,” which I know for me were some of my favorite bangers growing up. The group was a huge success, but God had some new directions for the band members.

In 2015, Wells was the one who initiated the split, but for a different calling God had for his life. As an artist, he was tired and was close to quitting music entirely. Yet, God was faithful to him and guided him to his solo artist career shortly after. The heart of Wells lay rooted in his Savior, his family, his church, and his music, but balancing these things – that was going to take work. I’m sure we can all attest to how hard it is even in college to balance everything. We feel like we’re barely holding on. Nevertheless, God uses that lack of control to lead us somewhere better if we’re willing to listen. Just look at what he’s done in Wells’s life and career!

Wells has a rich ministry in his church and is even planting one in Austin, TX next year with his wife and four young boys. He has such a heart for cultivating a greater love of God in believers and sharing the gospel with the world.

So far in his solo journey he has released three studio albums and one live album, headlined three tours, has consistently stayed on top of Christian charts, and has been nominated for many awards, but most of all, Wells has stayed true to his faith and the journey that God is taking Him on. He has kept on making music that is a blessing to those who hear it and worship to the One who inspired it.

His story should be an encouragement to us in whatever stage of life we’re in. Tauren Wells started his music career as a college kid, not knowing where it would take him. He certainly had moments of indecision, doubt, and fear of the unknown. Yet despite his moments of fear, he was fully known by God, Who would never leave him empty, and is faithful to bring joy in the morning. God will be equally as faithful to any of His children who earnestly seek Him.

No matter what career path you’ve decided on (or are still deciding on), God has already got it figured out. It may come with huge career shifts like Tauren Wells experienced several times. You may not see the results of hard work for a while and go through periods of waiting and wondering, but even when you feel like you want to quit, God’s not done with you! When we pray for God’s direction and guidance, He will see us safely through both the hills and valleys.

You do not want to miss his miraculous show on Friday, September 22nd at 8 p.m. at the Vines Center! Come be a part of the incredible story that God is so famous for writing!


Written by Faith Catanzaro

Faith is a sophomore studying Digital Media & Journalism concentrating in Video Production, and she is also a videographer for Student Activities. She loves watching movies, cooking, blogging on Instagram, graphic design, health, and fitness!