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SA Previews: Christmas Movie Marathon

December 2, 2020

Christmas time is always my favorite time of the year. I love all of the music, food, decorations, and of course, the movies. Christmas movies help ring in the holiday season and give us time to gather with the ones we care about to have a good holiday laugh. That’s why we want to put on a Christmas movie marathon! We want to give students the chance to get into the holiday spirit while still being able to prepare to finish the semester.

The first movie we are showing is A Christmas Story. This movie is tradition in my home. We watch it every year, and it never fails to make my dad double over in laughter. The movie follows Ralphie parker, a kid trying to avoid his bully, and constantly dreaming about the well-known Red Ryder air rifle. The story includes ridiculous and hilarious events on Ralphie’s journey to acquire his precious air rifle.

The second movie being shown is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – my personal favorite. This film follow the events of the Griswold family leading up to holiday. The father, Clark, wants to have the best Christmas season ever, and works to make sure every detail is perfectly in line. As you learn quickly, Clark’s plan quickly falls apart as family show up unexpectedly, his boss pulls his holiday bonus, and many other belly-laughing scenes.

We’ll end the event with The Santa Clause which follows Scott Calvin, played by Tim Allen. Scott, a divorced dad, is with his son when they hear strange sound outside. When Scott goes to investigate, he spooks Santa Claus, who is walking on Scott’s roof, causing him fall to his unfortunate death. When Scott puts on Santa’s coat, he is transported to the North Pole where an elf explains that he must now become Santa Clause. With Christmas coming soon, Scott has a lot of work to do to learn how to deal with the duty at hand.

If you want to spend some time studying while sippin’ on hot cocoa with friends and wiping away tears of laughter, you can join us on December 9th at 12 p.m. in the Lahaye Event Space. Merry Christmas!