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SA Previews: Block Party

June 11, 2020

I’ve been saying for months now how sweet and refreshing it will be to have students back on campus this fall. When you run a department full of events that brings people together, you can expect that there’s a void in all of us when those events get canceled, and we are to limit interaction with any sort of group. I get antsy after three months of students being gone, so you can imagine how I’m feeling with our current five-month gap. All this to say, I’m really hopeful and ecstatic for what the fall will bring!

One of our most anticipated events of the year is set for August 29 at 5 p.m. in the LaHaye Parking Lot – Block Party. Though there are a lot of loose ends right now, boy are we ready! Chock-full of food vendors, attractions like the ferris wheel and mechanical bull, local businesses and interactive vendors, prizes, live music, and more, this event has much to offer Liberty students, faculty and staff. As you may have seen, we’re bringing you a full night of music, kicking off at 5 p.m. all the way until 10 p.m. Five artists/bands are set to hit the stage, and I dare say this is one of my favorite line ups to date. Lets get to know our artists a bit more:


9 p.m. / Spotify / Instagram

A native to the Block Party stage, GAWVI, a pop and hip artist and producer, will be closing the show. Born in the Bronx and raised in Miami, he uses his Latin roots to create versatile sounds with Latin-Caribbean rhythms. His set is guaranteed to be upbeat and bring energy to the crowd.

The New Respects

8 p.m. / Spotify / Instagram

The New Respects are a pop, soul, and roll & roll band from Nashville, Tennessee. Their mesh of many genres with overlays of acoustic tones set them apart in the music industry. Comprised of two sisters, a brother, and their cousin, they’ll undeniably bring soul and spirit to the stage.

Temecula Road

7 p.m. / Spotify / Instagram

Where are all my country music fans at? Temecula Road was formed by two sisters, Emma and Maddie Salute, and longtime friend Dawson Anderson. They’re well-known for their trademark harmonies and impeccable vocals. The band is from Temecula, California, which they named are named after, to signify their deep ties to their community.

Angie Rose

6 p.m. / Spotify / Instagram

Angie Rose is a pop and hip-hop artist from the Bronx. Her Puerto Rican roots really inspire her music, with lyrics that promote diversity and overcoming various obstacles in life, alongside a sound that brings upbeat and lively energy.


5 p.m. / Spotify / Instagram

Kicking off the night will be NICE., bringing a sound they’ll describe as nostalgic yet modern, comparable to The 1975 and Coldplay. These guys will make us feel right at home, as they were formed here at Liberty University!

Each of these artists are unique, upbeat, and will bring diversity to our Block Party stage. I encourage you to check out their music in advance, so you can be ready to party with us that night.

On a more serious note, as with anything we do, we do our best to create events that are safe and inviting for all guests. In an effort to make Block Party the best it can be, while maintaining a safe environment, we will be adjusting our sanitary procedures and adhering to any crowd limitations issued by the State of Virginia for this event. We will consistently monitor specific guidelines and recommendations from the university, our government, and the CDC to make all necessary adjustments in August. In an effort to communicate the most accurate information and make the safest decision possible, all changes and guidelines for this event will be posted on both our social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and our Block Party page the week of the event. The page currently lists how we’re increasing all sanitary measures at events (regardless of crowd size) as we move into the fall, so take a look and see how you can do your part to make this event safe for everyone! Again, there will be more details coming the week of the event to make the best decision possible as the event approaches.

Be sure to check out our full calendar of events, as Block Party isn’t the only thing you’ll want to join us for this fall. See you August 29!