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SA Conversations: Steph Ward

April 5, 2019

It’s finally here – OUR FIRST PODCAST!

The SA podcast, or “SA Conversations”, has been a long time coming for us, and we’re so excited to finally debut it. We’ll be sitting down with an array of interesting people, including (but not limited to) SA staff, student artists we love, and more.

Erin Cleveland (Assistant Director) and Marissa Kusayanagi (Event Supervisor) sat down with Steph Ward, our fearless Director of SA. It was important to us that we started our podcast with Steph. She oversees our whole team, manages all of the event planning for our department, and continues to push us towards making Student Activities bigger and better year after year.

On the podcast, we discuss topics such as Steph’s favorite event to work, how she made it through grad school while working full time, the Enneagram, and the best parts about working with your best friends. We actually kick off the conversation by discussing for a whole minute how Steph never gets sick, and cottage cheese slips its way in at around minute 38. Only the most important topics to cover!

We hope you listen and, please, let us know what you want to hear more of – we’re libertysa on social media and studentactivities@liberty.edu for all of your email needs. Enjoy!

Our podcast score was written and recorded by Judd Harris.