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Preview: Q Union

September 17, 2018

Written By: Clay Copper

In 2017, the United States saw a 12% increase in hate crimes, the fourth consecutive year with an increase.* Today, 53 years after the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission put a legal end to workplace discrimination against women, female professionals still earn only $.80 to the $1.00 of their male counterparts.* While the United States occupies just under 5% of the global population, the nation holds a 22% stake in the population of prisoners globally.* These topics should be wildly concerning to followers of Christ, regardless of denomination. In an effort to inform, grow, and learn, Q Ideas was started with a clear intention: Stay Curious. Think Well. Advance Good.*

Q Ideas has become an incredible tool for leaders of the Christian faith, whether they are leaders in the church, workforce, school, or culture, to thoughtfully engage in solution-seeking conversation with the Kingdom in mind. Q Ideas is a platform for education and conversation, always keeping in mind that “Christians are called to redeem entire cultures, not just individuals.”* Through essays, videos, podcasts, blogs, and conferences, Q hopes to make this calling a reality for this generation. With topics varying from media, arts and entertainment, business, education, government, the social sector, and the church, Q engages in challenging conversations in hopes of redeeming God’s creation here on Earth.

One of the most powerful tools that Q Ideas has developed is their annual Q Union conferences – a gathering place for college students to listen, learn, share perspective, and create context for their beliefs. For the second year, we will be bringing Q Union to the students of Liberty University as they provide lectures on “The Power of We” from three nationally broadcasted speakers: Christian author Bob Goff, church planter and author Jo Saxton, and founder and CEO of charity: water Scott Harrison. Alongside these national speakers, three student speakers will offer insight to relevant issues in their areas of study. This night will be filled with difficult cultural conversations with the intention of engaging with “active leaders hungry to shape the future of culture.”*

Join us for Q Union on Thursday, October 25, in the LaHaye Event Space, beginning at 7pm.