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Podcast Review: Office Ladies

August 6, 2020

For fans of The Office, it was definitely exciting news when Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela) announced they would be doing “the ultimate office re-watch podcast”. Not only is the podcast fun, interesting, and heartfelt, it is also extremely informative about everything that goes into producing a show like The Office.

Each week, Jenna and Angela break down one episode of The Office, and let listeners in on everything that happened behind-the-scenes while filming that episode. Up until now, the only behind-the-scenes glimpses we’ve seen from The Office are the bloopers and interviews. Don’t get me wrong, the bloopers are hilarious and I have literally spent hours watching them, but this podcast gives us a deeper look into the lives of the actors, the brilliance of the writers, and the importance of attention to detail when producing a show.

Jenna and Angela break down one of the most infamous episodes of The Office, titled, “Casino Night”, which features the first kiss between the show’s most charismatic characters—Jim and Pam. In this episode, John Krasinski guest stars, and fans get a closer look into the chemistry Jenna and John have in real life. While Jim and Pam have always been one of the most loved and supported couples in TV history, it was incredibly touching to hear the actors speak on their relationship in real life. While they never dated in real life, it is clear from this episode that they became good friends while filming, and have remained close ever since.

In another episode, titled, “Initiation”, featuring B.J. Novak (Ryan) and Rain Wilson (Dwight), the actors reveal the brilliance behind the script, and the lines that were improvised. B.J. worked as a writer for the duration of the show, in addition to playing the character of Ryan Howard. B.J. gives listeners a glimpse into the level of brilliance that goes into writing just a single episode of The Office, while also revealing the lines we didn’t realize weren’t in the script.

Lastly, Jenna and Angela reveal the importance of attention to detail when breaking down the episode, titled, “Diwali”. From the costumes, to the jokes, to the actors playing extras, Jenna and Angela explain it all. Mindy Kaling, who plays the character of Kelly, reveals that every single extra wore their authentic Indian clothing in this episode, rather than having the costume department make knock-off outfits. Mindy also reveals that the actors who played her parents in the episode are actually her real-life mother and father. These little details allow the show to be genuine and touching, which is why everyone loves it.

If you’re a fan of The Office, and you haven’t listened to The Office Ladies, you need to start now. I promise you won’t be disappointed, and you will fall in love with the show all over again. After listening to Jenna and Angela break down each episode, you will have such a deep appreciation for the actors, the writers, the producers, and every other aspect that contributed to giving us this ridiculously amazing show.

Written by: Madelyn Mauck

Madelyn is a Senior studying Business Administration: Project Management. She enjoys writing for the blog, not only because it helps her develop as a creative writer, but because it gives her a chance to share her experiences through a platform she would not have without Student Activities.