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On Pure

April 19, 2024

You know a song is going to hit hard when the title is in all lowercase.

Sorry, I don’t make the rules- but I’ll bet I know who does: Back in 2023, listeners of worship music were blessed with an album that was rich in quality lyricism and astounding authenticity- an album simply entitled “pure”, by Abbie Gamboa.

Gamboa, a worship singer known for her music stemming from vulnerability, for her beautifully unique voice, and her work with UPPERROOM, released “pure”, the album, on May 5th, 2023. It’s fourteen tracks, consisting of an intro, 12 additional songs, and an outro track for “pure”, the single, was the start of a new era for the UPPERROOM church singer. An era that would ultimately bring her to Liberty University.

“pure” is an album that allows for a moment of peace- and not the type of peace you get on a spa day, or day off from school. This peace is rooted in the Lord, as the lyrics throughout the album recognize over and over in new ways that He is the only one capable of providing rest.

“I give up controlling things

When I’m with You, I can be weak

You’re my source, my shield

The strength that carries me.”

-eyes locked on the king, Abbie Gamboa, UPPERROOM

Gamboa had worked with UPPERROOM on a single prior to any of the music on “pure”. She contributed to a live recording of So Will I in 2018 and released singles “dad song”, “eyes locked on the king”, and “too good” in 2023 leading up to the release of “pure”. These singles, like any other artist releasing singles prior to an album drop, set the tone of the album well. According to UPPERROOM, Abbie’s album was about a display of raw emotion, and a rejection of any put-together façade. “pure” is only concerned with making it known that the Lord gets us through each day- both when we desperately need him, and when we mistakenly believe we have everything under control on our own.

Perhaps that is why “pure”, the single, was selected to be the album’s title track. It is a song that reflects a desire to be raw and openly honest- with one’s divine creator, no less.

“Not for anything that I could gain

Just to honor you and bring you praise

Like a fragrance broken on the floor

May my worship be pure.”

-pure, Abbie Gamboa, UPPERROOM

That being said, “pure” is still considered to be Abbie’s debut album. If that’s true, we can only imagine what the Lord has in store for Abbie as she continues her career of worship.

Luckily, we do know where Abbie’s next stop is on her musical journey. You’ll be happy to know the Abbie is headed to Liberty for a Night of Worship on April 19th– This concert will take place in the LaHaye Event Space at 8 P.M., and tickets are going fast, so grab some while you still can here.


Luke is a sophomore studying Digital Media: Video Production. He is a Videographer with Student Activities, and has a passion for Nintendo franchises, movie soundtracks, and the digital arts.