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Block Party Artist Preview

August 5, 2022

Lucas James

Lucas James hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. WHO DEY! (If you know you know) Lucas is excited to share his music on the Block Party stage which is influenced mostly by the Indie-pop genre. Lucas enjoys the story-telling aspect of music and how music can take you on a journey. He is inspired by artists such as Lizzy McAlpine and Jordy Searcy. Get to Block Party right when gates open for Lucas James to take you on a musical journey through his life.


KMO delivers passionate pop/RnB music to his listeners by drawing inspirations from Jon Bellion and Stevie Wonder. The Maryland native’s fun and joyful personality shine through his music and can be seen clearly during live performances. When you see him around campus, ask him about the time he met a president of the United States. KMO is no stranger to the Student Activities stage and is excited to return for Block Party.

Evvie McKinney

Evvie McKinny is an up-and-coming Gospel artist who gained recognition after winning the show Four: Battle of Stardom on FOX. Her debut single on her new record label “Bring the Whole Hood” gives you a glimpse of Evvie’s life and motivations for her music. Student Activities is excited for Evvie to take the Block Party stage and give us a fresh take of the future of gospel music.

Gable Price and Friends

Gable Price and Friends is a punk rock band from Redding, California delivering the hypest jams and the deepest lyrics. Never sacrificing on the deeper meaning, Gable Price and Friends has found their musical niche somewhere between Holy and Hand Grenade. Known for their electric performances, Gable Price and Friends has an energy that fans cannot forget. This band has no clue what it means to use an inside voice. From rock and roll anthems, to cry your heart out love songs for God, this band knows what it means to feel. Challenging lyrics like “Offend my mind so that I can know you more” are a staple of the band and their off the wall perspective on Life, Christianity, and the human experience. Listen to Gable Price and Friends if you want to find yourself jumping around and remembering the goodness of God, Gable Price and Friends will be your new favorite band.

Social Club Misfits

Social Club Misfits is a Christian Hip Hop duo from Miami, Florida featuring the talents of rappers Fern and Marty. Social Club Misfits constantly looks to push the boundaries of hip hop as they combine their unique personalities to create an authentic and positive experience. Their albums pull from several influences such as their Puerto Rician cultural roots, their quirky sense of humor, and their life experiences but they find a way to craft it all to point to God. In 2020 Social Club Misfits dropped the Album “Feared by Hell” and won Hip-Hop Album of the year at the Dove Awards, beating out the Album Jesus is King by then Kanye West. At this time Marty and Fern realized they were burnt out and decided to take a break, a normal death sentence for a musician, Social Club saw this as a way to refresh themselves as fathers, husbands, and friends. Against the odds they are back working on music, this is the passion and talent God has given them. Come experience their high-energy performance and no apologies personalities at Block Party!