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June 8, 2018

Habitat for Humanity club builds new house for local family

Just one week before the semester ended, some Liberty University students celebrated one of the most significant accomplishments of their college careers. It didn’t occur in a classroom but on a construction site, where a local mother and her two children prepared to move into their new home.

Over the last year, students from Liberty’s Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter raised the $60,000 required to fund a home for Nakesha Moore and her children. Construction began in March, with several students giving up a part of their Spring Break to help raise the walls. Students continued to volunteer at the site for the next six weeks.

On May 12, the club celebrated with the Moore family, Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity staff, and community volunteers at a dedication ceremony. The family was also recognized at a Liberty Convocation in April, where they were presented with a family Bible and the keys to their new home.

As the main sponsor, the club raised the majority of the money through fundraising events, including bake sales and an annual end-of-the-year gala. Sodexo, Liberty’s dining services provider, also participated by allowing club members to work concessions during football season and giving a portion of the proceeds to the project. Sodexo also made a $5,000 donation from money raised at its weekly Food Truck Round-up and the annual craft fair.

This is the second home that Liberty’s club has sponsored and helped build in the Lynchburg area.

Senior Joshua Turbyfill said the experience showed him how rewarding service can be, especially when you see the direct impact of the work.

“What makes Habitat so unique is that you get to work alongside the family you’re helping,” he said. “It was great seeing the Moore family out there on the build days and how excited they were about their home.”

The club presented the family with their own set of gardening tools. Students from Liberty’s Interior Design Association made pillows and blankets for the Moores.

Moore said she is thankful for the students who made her dream come true.

“When we were touring the property, someone asked my daughter if she was excited to have a big yard to play in,” Moore said. “My daughter said, ‘Well, I’ve never had a yard.’ I just broke down and cried. She didn’t understand how heavy that was. We’ve always lived in an apartment. It’s life-changing. This is like winning the lottery for me.”

Freshman Alex Lunt returned early from Spring Break to participate in the build. He said being part of the club has helped him step out of his comfort zone.

“When you actually get to meet the family you’re building the house for, it puts everything in perspective; it motivates you to want to get this project done,” he said. “This is a great way to show that Liberty students want to be part of the Lynchburg community. We don’t want to stay secluded on campus; we want to get to know the community and culture of the city that we’re going to school in. As Christians, we’re called to serve and treat others with love. How can we do that if we don’t get to know the people we’re serving? That’s why I loved working on the house. It makes me want to love and know people better.”

For many of the club’s seniors, seeing the house completed just a week before Commencement was special.

“I fell in love with the club,” said recent graduate Clayton Ford. “We’re constantly encouraged to live out being Champions for Christ. This was a way to personally champion that cause to directly help those in need and leave a lasting impression.”

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