We The Champions

October 11, 2017

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Mirroring “We the People” in the first line of the United States Constitution, the new We The Champions project is designed to unify the many members of the Liberty community around the university’s foundational calling and share that vision with the world.

God calls each of us as Christians to live like Christ — demonstrating champion-like virtues such as integrity, unity, gratitude, faithfulness, joy, and service — in our daily lives. The We The Champions Declaration conveys how those ideals function within a collegiate setting. It communicates why education is important and how Champions for Christ use education to serve God and change the world, living out the biblical character traits of a true champion.

Click to enlarge — At the launch of the new We the Champions project during the first Convocation of the year, a multimedia presentation brought those in attendance back to Liberty’s earliest beginnings, then cast the vision for an exciting future. We the Champions affirms Liberty’s mission of Training Champions for Christ and highlights areas across the university where the biblical character traits of a champion are being lived out every day.

To be involved in the We The Champions project and read inspiring stories from the Liberty community, visit and follow #WeTheChampions on social media.

The following stories in this special We The Champions edition of the Liberty Journal demonstrate a tenet of the Declaration.

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