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Voices behind ‘Animaniacs,’ ‘Adventures in Odyssey’ coming to Sonic-Con this fall

June 21, 2021

The creative minds and voices behind the Warner Brothers wacky cartoon “Animaniacs” and Focus on the Family’s “Adventures in Odyssey” will join the second annual Sonic-Con audio theatre convention Oct. 22-24 on Liberty’s campus.

Rob Paulsen, “Animaniacs” voice actor

The headline show “Animaniacs LIVE!” will feature performers Rob Paulsen (voice of Yakko and Pinky), Maurice LaMarche (Brain), and Randy Rogel (Composer) accompanied in singalongs by the Liberty Symphony Orchestra in the Center for Music and the Worship Arts, Concert Hall.
“Adventures in Odyssey” cast members Katie Leigh (Connie Kendall) and Will Ryan (Eugene Meltsner) as well as co-creator Phil Lollar will be returning from last year’s inaugural convention to once again lead masterclasses alongside other industry professionals in areas of voice acting, writing, and sound design. There will also be a new works festival, fun voice competitions, and live audio performances.
Weekend passes and Animaniacs LIVE! tickets go on sale July 1 and are available on the convention website, 

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