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Rawlings Family Increases Donation to $12 Million

October 11, 2017

During the Sept. 8 Convocation, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell recognized brothers George and Herb Rawlings, seated in the audience, and thanked them for the tremendous impact that their family has had on Liberty’s growth.

“We appreciate them so much,” Falwell said. “They’ve been such an important part of making Liberty what it is today.”

Together with brothers Harold and Carrol, The Rawlings Foundation has donated $12 million to Liberty in recent years, including the $2 million donation given during the September visit. In 2015, Liberty’s School of Divinity was renamed the Rawlings School of Divinity in honor of the family. Their contributions to the School of Divinity’s new home — the Freedom Tower (currently in the last phases of construction) — have continued to make that project possible. The Rawlings have been directly involved in the planning of a scriptorium and other unique features in the building, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

The foundation operates a worldwide youth camp ministry. The Rawlings’ father, Dr. John Rawlings, was a pastor for over 70 years and was an advisor to Liberty’s founder, the Rev. Falwell, in the establishment of Liberty University. Dr. Rawlings, who died in 2013, also served on Liberty’s Board of Trustees.

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