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Parent-to-Parent with ‘Duck Dynasty’

June 1, 2017

Liberty held a “Duck Dynasty” reunion in Convocation shortly after the A&E reality show aired its final episode this past spring. The event coincided with College For A Weekend, where prospective students visit Liberty to get a taste of campus life. Willie and Korie Robertson, parents of Liberty student John Luke Robertson, whose wife, Mary Kate, also attends Liberty, were asked what advice they would give parents in the crowd.

Willie began by assuring them, “You are in a good place; this is a good start.”

Korie encouraged parents to realize that they can’t see their children as young kids forever.

“We tell our kids, ‘Dream big, but not too big, because I don’t want you to go too far away,’” she said, laughing. “But our kids can do incredible things. And they are doing incredible things; I am seeing this generation serving God and glorifying Him and just really passionate for the Lord, on fire for Him. I say we trust our kids and push them and get behind them and encourage them to follow their dreams — but follow them in the way of God and ask for His calling on their lives. We try to guide (our children), but God made them a certain way. He is working in their lives, and we have to trust that.”

Willie shared his appreciation for the environment that Liberty provides his son and daughter-in-law to help them grow in wisdom and in faith.

Mary Kate and John Luke Robertson (photo by Joel Coleman)

“We were proud that (John Luke) came here,” he said. “The main thing that we wanted him — and all our kids — to do was to develop spiritually, to stretch their minds. You pray that your kids will end up being in a great spiritual place.”

The “Duck Dynasty” reunion also featured Phil, Miss Kay, Uncle Si, and Alan Robertson.

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