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LU co-founder receives Lifetime Awards for global ministry

March 15, 2023

Liberty University co-founder Dr. Elmer Towns was recognized by the Global Church Network last fall, adding to his already impressive list of awards he has received throughout his life of service as an ambassador for the Lord.

The GCN hosted a 90th birthday party for him and presented him with Lifetime Publishing, Lifetime Media, and Lifetime Achievement awards. (Towns turned 90 on Oct. 21.)

The GCN is an evangelistic organization that has joined more than 700,000 churches to become the largest pastor’s network in the world. Towns has traveled around the globe with GCN to share the Gospel and train pastors. He has visited Russia, Japan, Australia, and other countries on six continents.

Guests at the event included his friend, author John Maxwell, as well as the heads of various mission boards.

“Dr. Towns has single-handedly, over the last 70 years, equipped more for full-time ministry than anyone else throughout the Body of Christ,” said GCN founder Dr. James O. Davis. “He has brought style and substance to every book he has written, vision and value to every leader he has taught, and faith and fortitude to every challenge he has faced in life. His Kingdom-minded leadership has created a spiritual atmosphere where Christian leaders from different streams of theological thought can synergize their efforts toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.”

Towns has spent his life training many for the ministry, whether domestically or abroad. He has traveled to Korea 27 times. As a result of his ministry there, presidents of several Korean seminaries were trained in evangelism.

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