Longtime supporter leaves large part of estate to Liberty

February 17, 2016

Liberty University touches the lives of more than just its students.

Oswald “Oz” Forsee of Okeechobee, Fla., passed away on Aug. 28, 2015, at age 91. He and his wife of 65 years, Betty, who preceded him in death, were longtime supporters of Liberty.

According to a statement from the trustee of the Forsees’ estate, the couple heard a young preacher, Dr. Jerry Falwell, share the Gospel on television in the 1960s. They later tuned in to hear him cast a vision for the new college that God had called him to build. (Falwell founded Lynchburg Baptist College — renamed Liberty Baptist College and now Liberty University — in 1971.)

On a trip through Virginia one fall in the late 1970s, the Forsees decided to visit campus. As they sat on a bench, they observed “something unusual” about the students. “One by one,” according to the Forsees’ trustee, “each student that passed by stopped and greeted them, some even taking the time to sit and chat. The entire experience was confirmation that this was a holy piece of ground that could be used by God to literally change the world.”

Oz Forsee grew up on a farm in rural Kentucky and spent his adult life working for W & W Supply Co. selling animal health products to South Florida’s beef and dairy industries. Although the Forsees never had children of their own, they always felt that God could use them to impact the lives of young Champions for Christ. Their $400,000 contribution will provide scholarships to future generations of leaders who would not otherwise be able to get a Liberty education.

For more information on planned giving to Liberty University, visit or call (800) 543-5309.

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