Longtime supporter chooses gift annuities to support Liberty's goals

May 31, 2015

William Mausolf has supported Liberty for many years through both his prayers and his finances.

He first became familiar with the university by listening to its founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell, speak at his home church in Richmond, Va., in the late 1970s. He has been a member of the 15,000 Club, a Liberty scholarship program,  for years and has helped many students become Champions for Christ.

About 10 years ago, he came to an important conclusion while studying the Scriptures. “I realized that not only did my tithe belong to the Lord,” Mausolf said, “but I was also responsible for what I did with the other 90 percent, so I started looking into a charitable gift annuity.”

Liberty University’s Estate Planning Department worked with Mausolf to fund an investment that ensures Liberty’s future while providing tax advantages today.

“The money belongs to the Lord anyway,” Mausolf said. “I am honored to be able to give back to the Lord through Liberty University.” 

In the past fiscal year, donors have invested nearly $5 million into Liberty’s annuity program. An annuity provides guaranteed income for life at a high fixed rate of return that is not subject to changes in the market — and provides substantial tax breaks. It can be established for a minimum of $5,000, and there is no maximum amount.  

  • For more information about planned giving to Liberty University, call (800) 543-5309.

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