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Longtime employee helped thousands to partner in Liberty’s mission

February 21, 2018

For 35 years, Tom Arnold shared the story of Liberty University. He traveled the country talking about the college’s mission to Train Champions for Christ, and he gathered supporters along the way who would help ensure that this mission is carried out in future generations.

Arnold retired as Liberty’s vice president for development in October. He spent most of his first 20 years with Liberty on the road as an ambassador-of-sorts, visiting donors in their homes and helping to raise funds for a young school that would eventually become the largest, private non-profit university in the nation.

In the earlier years, when the Rev. Jerry Falwell, Liberty’s founder, appeared on the television broadcast, “Old Time Gospel Hour,” people across the country were eager to learn more about the new university he spoke about and how they could become a part of impacting the world for Christ through these new college graduates. Arnold was their connection to this exciting and worthwhile partnership. Over the years, Arnold showed Liberty’s donors example after example of graduates who have fulfilled the founder’s vision with their help. And he showed them how, with their support, the university has grown beyond anyone’s expectations.

“People give because of our product, which is our students — Champions for Christ going into the marketplace, in all walks of life,” Arnold said. “That was Dr. Falwell’s vision, and that’s what people see. People love what we stand for, and they still like the track that we’re on.”

Arnold trained a team of regional representatives to build the same kind of meaningful relationships with Liberty’s partners across the country. As the university continues to grow in national prominence, with world-class academics and athletics, and as it nears the end of a $1 billion campus transformation, Arnold has seen for himself how God has used these faithful contributors.

“It is totally a miracle only God can do,” he said.

Christos Carroll

Liberty welcomed Christos Carroll (’92) as the new vice president of development in October. Carroll is responsible for the leadership, management, and implementation of comprehensive philanthropy programs supporting both the short- and long-range fundraising objectives of the Office of the President. He also provides professional direction, expertise, training, and support to the departments of Development, Planned Giving, and Alumni Relations.

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