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Legendary pitcher supports Liberty through gift annuities

September 28, 2015

Legendary softball player Dwayne Kamphuis has chosen Liberty’s annuity program as a way to support the university both now and in the future.

Kamphuis is a longtime financial supporter of Liberty and its softball team. In April 2015, Liberty dedicated Kamphuis Field at Liberty Softball Stadium in his honor.

Throughout his softball career, Kamphuis traveled the world, playing in exhibition games as a member of the renowned “King and His Court” softball team. He joined the four-man team in 1966 and thrilled softball fans with his tremendous pitching abilities until he retired in 1983. He maintained a 0.075 ERA and had two no-hitters. The softball Hall of Famer’s career took him to many foreign countries and all across America, including Lynchburg, Va., where he met Liberty’s founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell.

“I am just a humble donor placing my money where it will bless the Lord and this great university,” Kamphuis said.

In the past fiscal year, donors have invested nearly $5 million in Liberty’s annuity program. A charitable gift annuity provides guaranteed income for life at a high fixed rate of return that is not subject to changes in the market, and it also provides substantial tax breaks. Annuities can be established for a minimum of $5,000; there is no
maximum amount.

  • To receive a personal annuity fact sheet, call (800) 543-5309.

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